Kneeling Las Vegas

59 people are dead.

515 were and are injured.

But on Monday morning, after we all had heard of the horrific news coming out of Las Vegas. Instead of coming together, we were all forced to pick a side. Defend your beliefs. As the day and night went on, this phenomena only intensified.

Instead of having an amazing, “coming together,” moment, like we had after the events of September 11th, 2001, we’ve got politicians, late-night comedians, and just about anyone else deciding that we need “#GunControlNow.”And. Again. We’re all left deciding “our side” of the argument. We’ve all got to defend “our side” through facebook memes, arguments, and everything else.

For Christ sake, leftists.

Remember when we needed “government help NOW~!” after the GREATEST attack on America in American history? You know, 9/11. We NEEDED to FIX terrorist attacks on America NOW~! Because. 9/11 is still fresh in our minds. We need to make sure that it NEVER happens again. Period. The end. Bar none.

And around a month later, the Patriot Act came to be.

Now, we know, through that Patriot Act, the NSA can spy on all of us. Just cause. THANKS SNOWDEN~!

The point being. When you legislate out of emotion, there’s immediate, unintended consequences. So. Hey. Mrs. Clinton. Can you not wait for the blood to dry before you start tweeting your perspective? Hey, Ms. CBS Vice President person. Why not wait for facts to come out before you start blaming the victims of the attack because you believe they support something you disagree with. Right?

Then. There’s SO GOD DAMN MUCH. Leading up to this. All of this. All of the outrage. Everyone’s so upset. Because President Trump said people should be out of a job for protesting the National Anthem.

I mean. Just. Batman facepalms all round. Obviously.

What President Trump said about NFL players is stupid. If not SCARY (Come on…¬† a “right wing” political leader saying that¬† private citizens should lose their jobs because they’re expressing their first amendment right of freedom of speech? I’m sorry Trumptards. But. RED FLAGS~!) Then again. The NFL players. That are protesting over… something that is FACTUALLY nonexistent.

Either way. They’ve still got every right to protest.

Instead of agreeing on either of those two points. We’ve been forced to defend our beliefs. Pick a side. Or else.

In recent weeks, we’ve been forced to “pick sides” on SO GOD DAMN MANY stupid things.

Be it.

Racist Cotton.

Or even more recently… Cam Newton being the most sexisty person in the history of sexists.


The bottom line is…

We, really….


Need to refocus our priorities. Innit?

Were you outraged by either of the two previous stories? Stop it.

Did you think that the NFL player’s “kneeling protest” meant anything? You know… important?

Were “racist cotton” woman’s claims anywhere near affectful?

Was Cam Newton’s statement something to lose sleep over?

Come off it man. The answer to the last few questions should be a RESOUNDING: No.

So. Why are these sorts of stupid, nonsensical stories inflating our lives?

Mostly. Because Facebook’s algorithm says so. Like. Legitimately. Facebook’s ONLY showing you the stories/comments/whatevers you want to see! Because, dog gone it, Facebook cares.

I’m drunk. I don’t know the answers.

I know the answer isn’t civil war. I know the answers have nothing to do with arguing with one another, sharing facebook memes supporting “our side.”

I know the answer isn’t… you know…

The modern way of life.

But. Man. As drunk as I am. I’m trying to get there. I’m trying to find the answers. ALL answers. To the nonsense that is life.

The NFL kneeling thing, by and large doesn’t matter. If you’re as REDNECKY!~ as they come. There’s NO REASON. At all… that you should allow Colin Kaepernick to take away something you ABOSLUTELY love. Right?

And… I can’t think of a similar talking point that relates to my friends on “the left.” Sorry about that.

We’ve just. NEED to come to some sort of agreement. ANY agreement. And work from there. Innit?

Now, look. Throughout all of the tragedies, every horrific, terroristic event that’s transpired over the years, I’ve never, ever, given the names, shown pictures of, or in any other sort of way “promoted” the perpetrators of these horrific acts. It’s my opinion, that most of these people are seeking fame by perpetrating fantastical acts of violence. Thus, I’ve hidden their identities.


For the first time ever. I’m going to name the Las Vegas murderer. I’m going to show his face.



[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Stephen Paddock 1953-2017.[/caption]

Hopefully. If NOTHING else. This should be the deterrent we’re all looking for. The “nuclear deterrent” as far as mass shooters are concerned.

Because. Man.

#1. We’ve already got background checks for those attempting to purchase guns.
#2. Automatic weapons are already illegal.

Honestly, I’m not sure how much more “gun violence” can be regulated. Truly.

I mean…

There’s a HUGE problem with mass shootings.
Let’s make guns illegal and/or harder to obtain!
There’s a HUGE problem with people overdosing on opioids.
Let’s make opioids illegal and/or harder to obtain!

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