Jussie That Injustice Over There?!

Jussie that shit?

Jussie how we all got played?

Jussie how we all can conveniently fall into some sort of narrative?

Jussie how much YOU have been played, dear reader?

Jussie that this is how I first learned of the story?

Literlly. This WAS the FIRst glimpse I saw of this story.

So. “Wing with this country,” jokes aside.

Honesyly? I. zRight now. I give about as much of a shit about this story as I did when I first saw that headline from that Facebook friendy person there. You know. This one dude on Facebook. Who’s you know. A “victim” cause i post Batman Facepalms comments on his, “OMG`! DONALD TRUMP SUCKS CAUSE THE NEW YORK TIMES SAID HE LIED 55/56 TIMES DURING THE ALL-IMPORTANT SOTU~!” And he’s like. “OMG~! REPUBLICANS ARE NAZI’S~1” (Don’t get me started, it’s coming agter this [AND… that last quote is hyperbole]). Basically. He’s a mainstream media FACT’D~! kinda person.

Jussie what I;m getting at here?

Dude. Innocent until proven guilty. something I’m, HONESTLY, DIE-HARD~! for.

But yeah dude. Seems like, Jussie Smoollett, has concocted his own hate crime.

Like this?

Or something?

I’ll spew the “facts” of the case that drew up red flags, if, you know, you logically thought about the situation. Because. I’m a white, European, male, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Nazi, KKK member that I am. You know.

  1. It was somewheres arund -20 fahrenheit when the assault took place. You know. ALL. HATE CRIMES take place when it’s “freezing your ass off” cold outside. Right?
  2. “MAGA LOVING” white racists KNEW who Jussie Smollett was. Because. You know. HE’S HIGH PROFILE on “white, ‘MAGA LOBING,’ racists” radar. Right? Shit. They even KNEW him so much that they knew he was gay. IRL~! Somehow.
  3. The bleach came from a slasa bottle.
  4. Jussie managed to hold on to his Subway sandwich throughout the whole ordeal.
  5. “THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY~!” You know. In Chicago.


I didn’t respond to this case when I first saw it. Posted on Facebook by that Trump=hating, “All Repubublicans are racists” friend. Because. You know. I wanted more facts.

I DO MY DAMNEDESGT To do these types of things.



Dude. This shit’s gone on forrever.

Hell. Right-wingers have even done this shit. In 2008.

And. I could do the right-wing thing. And show you how, as Cory Booker indirectly described, these crimes, “false hate crimes” (I’m adding WAY too many words in his mouth, sue me) seem to be on the rise. The crime being false reports of violence/hate/whatever. In the age of Trump. Even though. You know. It’s been happening before Trump.

Because. These thing happened.

Or something?


Jussie how I’m totally sleeped deprived? Jussie how I NEED to make sense in this post-modern, ALL nonsense world? Where. You know. I can be called a TRANSPHOBIC ASSHOLIC ASSHOLE~! Because I sympathize with a GameStop employee? Right?



In this post-modern, all-nonsense world in which we reside?

Yeah dude.

I mean. WFB usually does funnier SUPERCUTS!. But not this time?

It TOTALLY made sense. This enite “wing’d” time. Jussie Smollett was attempted lynchyinged by some MAGA loving assholes/ Who. You know. Happened to have some bleach in a slsala containter. And. Like. A “rope.” And like. Red Hats you could find at Crafty Beaver. Those red hats weren’t “MAGA HATS” like those ASSHOLE TEENAGERS`! BUT THEY WERE TWO BLOBBED PEOPLES! And the two blobbed would be “attackers” person whom Jussie was so confident were his attackers.  And like. Whatever.

dThis is so God dan stupid.


That’s faked shit. Because. ‘OMG~! I’M A VICTIM NOW~!”

RazorFist describes it FAR BETTER than I could ever give a damn. Or something.

Dude. Victim culture is the new rage.

OF COURSE.  Jussie Smollett is innocent until proven guilty.

But. Fuck off.

If you’re some sort of Kamala Harris kinda dumbass and still defending this asshole? GTFO? Right?

THE saddest part of all of this?

Nana Efua Mumford. Admittted something so deeply wrong with American journalism today. which. is. You know. Basically the whole problem with. You know. EVERYTHING today (“The 1980’s called and they want their foreign policy back!” RIght?) Nana? The press? “The left?” They ALL wanted, hell, NEEDED Jussie’s attack to be true. Why? I have no idea. I’ll never know, dude.

Personally? I’ll forever live in a world where. You know. I’m glad that an OUT OF THIS WORLD, “What’s wing with our country” kinda hate crime doesn’t exist.

I’m glad it doesn’t exist. Not because of my “political beliefs” )because, as I’ve shown, I’m jsut a sexist homophobic, transphobic, Nazi, right?) but I’m glad to know, Jussie Smollett, apparently (allegedly aside), we live in a VASTLY hate-free society. Legit.

Thankfully, Kendall Jenner solved world peace, with Pepsi two years ago.

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