Jaded Helmets


This helmet is jaded.
This helmet is jaded.

It’s…. not at all often that I agree with Jon Stewart. Hell. It’s even MORE rare that I find this comedian funny on his Conedy Central Show. But I mean. He sares… pretty much… the biggest arguement that i coulkd ever s[ew about this nonsense. Happening. Throughout the country. Specifcially.. in Texas. Anmd all that.


Pretty much… you’ve got to skip to 4:55 to get to this rambling’s relevance. HATE ME~! SLAY ME~! or whatever.

Obviously. The biggest criticism I have about Jon Stweart’s… critisms is…. you know… the “borrow a text book from a neighboring state.” I’m arguoing this. Just because. because. Fucl you, federal education control. And all that. TThat and, You know., His obvious… “WINK WINK~! MSNBC~! Everyone in ‘Murica is te most racisty racists that have EVER harbored racism ECER~!” All that’s obviously dumb.

Thje point of all of this. Which, you kow. Stewart gose over//// is simgly… these sorts of military excvercieses have been going on for a while now. george W. Bush did them. And if he HADN’T DONE THEM…. RTHEW TERRORISS WIN! Maybe. Hell, more than likely, there is a VERRY well-sound constitutional argument that the federal government should never do interstate military exercises. But… Come one.

Just to reiterate sentiments from Mr. Stewart. Conspiracy nuts. Alex Jones. Fansns. Things. I don’t know if you know this. But. Tghe United States Government doesn’t need to send in military to take control of Texas. Because. You know. The United States already CONTROLS the state of Texas.


It’s just… lkinda trsagic that the Alex Joneses of the world can SO EASI:Y manipulate the populace to believe that this sort of things is happening. Hell. It’s not even Mr. Jones. Greg Abbot (who… from what I’ve seen is a decent governor) and Ted Cruz… and even… by “beloved” Rand Paul'” are all worried aout this nonsens. All three of these peoples are people that I… yuou know… respect. I suppose. Yet. Even they’ve got their panties shoved up their asses… a bit… about Jade Helm 15.

I don't have this issue. :( I'm told she shows her nips! DANG! DARN! DANG IT!
I don’t have this issue. 🙁 I’m told she shows her nips! DANG! DARN! DANG IT!

So I guess. My thought process tells me, kinda, that I actually should care about this.




The United States already CONTROLS the state of Texas.



Buyt. There’s something to say about Jaded Helmets.

Jaded Helmets should be the real fear.

Eh. Funniest thing I could find. Because. Like. Even Google supports this craziness… apparently.

Most Americans. I’m pretty sure. They’re,generally afraid of their government. “afraif” isn’t the righ word. But I’m pretty sure most Americans. At least. Those that haven’t attended college. Or like… you know… those that couldn’t care less about the beach, “bruh.” Or something. Americans with… even a GEWNRAL sense of what’s happening around them. Politically.

They, I believe, generally, question the Federal government’s power. Genrally. Most Amerticans. I believe. Are like, “WTF is going on here yo?! Pacman emoticon.”

And. The LAST governemental establishment that… pretty much… EVERYONE… In America… still believes in. It’s the military. Our soldiers. Tribute to the Troiops. All of that. No one has lost faith in the American military. And I mean. No one should. As of now, anyways.

The real fear here. About “Jade Helm-15,” should be… when the American military loses its soul.

If this were to happen, all bets would be off. Period. The end. If the American millitary would become akin to… say… the S.S. in Nazi Germany… or hell… the, pretty much average German soldier in general – where soldiers would conduct orders… JUST CAUSE – it’d be tat that point whn Americans NEED to lose their shit. It’d vbe at THAT point where Americans need to… I don’t want to say “take note” because… seriously… at that point… note taking would be the least of the concerns.

But. You know.

According to the Alex Joneses of the world. That point’s… you know. P{robably already come and gone. And… JADE HELM-15~! MARTIAL LAW~! COMING THIS SUMMER~! BE THERE~!

I guess. I’m just saying.

If. Or when. Jaded Helmets hit a military base near you… that’d be the time to start panicking.

A multi-state military excercise IN WHICH WAL-MART IS INVOLVED~!… is not the time to start losding your shit.

Shut up.

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