OMJesus! Israel Killed 10,000 Unarmed Peacemakers!

One of these. Obviously.

Dude. Ity takes a LOTY for me to get “passionate” about somewthing. And I mean. I’m not exacvtly “passionate” about this.I just… care about this more so than I’ve cared about anything happening in the realm of the media/politics/etc. in recent memory. To explain it in a Louis C.K. awesome sort of way: “I don’t have ‘sex drive!’ really. It’s not ‘Sex DRIVE!’ I have: ‘Sex, just sit in the car and hope someone gets in.'” That’s the perfect description about how I feel on this sroty dude. Amd a;; pf tjos nonsense.

It takes… you know. Not at all that much digging to know that SOME, if not MANY of these Palestinian protestors are cunts lead by Hamas. You know. The people that even Wikipedia admits is an internationally recognized terrorist organization. And. It was mostly Hamas members killed during the “peaceful protests.” So…

I mean…


What’s going on?

…waitaminute. What?

“Occupuation is the problem.”

Funy you start your “history lesson” in 1967. Forgetting you know, the 1947-1949ish Arab-0Israely War. Where Israel, and the world, was likew, “Alright dudes, you can have two startes.” But Arabs said, “Nah, fuck ya’ll we want it all, death to the Jews! Etcetera, etcetera.”

You know. Much like thousands of “peaceful protesters” backed by Hamas tried rto invade Israel this week, even though Israel dropped pamphlets, warning people not to approach the border fence. When you’ve got a group of thousands of people chanting the likes of “Death to Israel,” or… dare I say… “Jews Will Not Replace Us…” And they’re being violent as they do the thing you warned them not to do…

Yeah dude. Violence is the response. Right? That’s the LOGICAL response.

But lookman. That’s the thing about the media and shit today. Right? A bunch of white dumbasses in Charlottesville show up saying, “Jews will not replace us,” is met with “OMJESU~! THIS IS THE WORST THING IN THE HISTORY OF EVER~! HOW COULD YOU SUPPORT THIS DONALD TRUMP!?” Meanwhile. Making Nazi kites in hopes to “burn Jews,” is met with, “OMJESUS~! HOW DARE THE IDF SHOOT DOWN THESE PEACEFUL PROTESTERS?! IT’S ALL DONALD TRUMP’S FAULT FOR BRINGING THE AMERICAN EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM! HOW DARE YOU DONALD TRUMP?!

Palesti-Nazi Kites. Sent to burn. Jews. Hrmph. Not violent at all! Says the media! It’s just a couple of kids armed with rocks and kites shot down in COLD BLOOD! FUCK THE JEWS! JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US! I mean… Occupation! Fuck Occupation! Right?! WHO’S WITH ME?!

At the end of the day? It’s good to be consistant. Right?

To me. My 30-year-old dumb ass, Libertarian minded American person, thing that I am. I see that a peaceful two-state solution SHOULD exist. And. You know. In a perfect world. It would. Unfortunately. We live in the alternate universe. Where. You know.

NOTHING makes sense.

Where the media, academia, etc. PREACH to the TOP OF THEIR LUNGS… diversity. But riot when a person with a “conservative” view point is going to give a speech on a college campus.

Unfortunately. We live in that world. Where. One side of this Israeli/Palestinain debutat is the agressr and the other warneds “the enemy” NOT to be agressive, or else you’ll be met with MUCH HARSHER agression.

But hey. We live in the post-fact world THANKS, TRUMP/YAPANAPAONAPAPAOLOUS! This post-modern world where objective truth is the ONLTY truth. Where. “My truth” is more important than “THE truth.”

Sigh. I just opened a can of worms that’s so stupid. But it’s a random sidenote about religion…

A random sidenote about religion. Hrmph.

Lastly. I’ll leave you with media hipocricy exposed by the awesomness that has ALWAYS been Washington Free Beacon.

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