I’m Sorry God… I’m Sorry Mom… I’m Sorry Facebook…

So. I’ma be shadowed banned. Or whatever. From here on out.


I mean.

IF… “shadow banning” was a thing that, ACTUALLY impeded my, you know, LIMITED amount of “success” or whatever. Because. You know. Thexe whole, “not being talented” and “writing things online in a world thatg doesn’t want to read ANYTHING EVER,” things weren’t working against me enough… then damn it. I’ma die by my sword. After this rambling? I’ma EXPOSE~! THE 10 TIMES AOC WAS BAE AF! I swear.


Let’s expose Facebook a bit Becore I get THE OFFICIAL~! “shaddow bann’d~!” or whatever.

And. Here dude.

I know, I know, I know.

Bizarrrely… most people that, happen to actually read this shit? Ya’ll HATE Donald Trump. Right?

And that’s TOTALLY fine. I hated Obama’s Presidency. And now? I’m not on board with Donald Trump’s re-election 1,000%.

I mean. This was my thought on the matter in 2016. And such:

And… I mean… No? And… yet… kinda? At the same time?

Basically you guys. “Democrats.” Ya’ll are pushing me more and more towards voting for this dude with every, “HEY LET’S ABOLISH CAPITALISM~!” candidate that you guys are promoting. Be igt Bernie Sanders, Kamalla Harris, Corey “Spartacus” Booker, or whoever. Ya’ll are the ones driving me MORE AND MORE to break this aforementioned, “Never Trump”is.m So. Congrats?

But. Really. NONE. Of this. Has to do with ANYTHING.

All’s I’m saying. Is. HOPEFULLY. I’ve still got your attention, dear Trump hater.

Because. Forreals.

You’re on the wrong side of history. As far as ACTUAL individidual freedom is concerned.




Hear me out.

U’m not VIOLENTLY attacking you with my thoughts and words here. I SERIOUSLY want you to noodle this one out with me. OK?

The trouble is. I’m about to show some evidence… (especially this first bit) that I REALLY hate. But I’m only showing this one as an introduction. It’s an easily digestible )I.E. shorter) clip. It IS the worse clip of these two. But it’s easier to digest. Because. Time. And attention spans.


A shitty introduction to an awesome person.

This is so shitty. All in all? It’s not worth your time. BUT. If you’re lazy and want to know about this Blake J. Harris dude… this is a quick, ALBEIT, NO WHERE NEAR, justified explanation. ESPECIALLY… since he’s appearing on the Trump propoganda network. And… doesn’t have the time to explain… anything, really. And yeah. Due to this, he sounds like a MAGA hat wearing Nazi. Congrats if you came to this conclusion! You WOKE AF PERSON YOU!

Then. There’s this deep dive.


I mean.

Doesn’t do my case MUCH justice on the surface.


I gwt it, left-leaning person, friend, thing, still reading this.


I swear dude.

Watch/listen to this. I mean. I watched/listend to the whole 40-ish minute interview thing.

But. I mean. Truly? These are probably the most important seven-ish minutes of them all.

So. I mean. Yeah… right?

I’m sorry Facebook. I’m sorry mpm. I’m sorry God. But like.

WTF? Right?

“He’s a Trump supporter, we don’t care about that discrimination.”

Essentially, Blake J. Harris’s quote. There.


Forget “Glenn Beck.” And everything he “stands for.” Right? Listen to Balke Harris. Who was given TREMENDOUS praise for Console Wars. FFS. The foreward of the book was written by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. Jesus Christ. Now, this, obvious Trump hating-progressive, is such a white-nationalist national-socialist, racist, sexist, human being ever. BEcause he had the GULL to criticize Facebook for, essentially firing someone for supporting Donald Trump?

Jesus Christ dude.

I’m sorry mmom.

I’m sorry God.

I’m sorry Facebook.

I’m sorry Twitter.

But. FFS.

Ya’ll are living in a cult, hive-mind mentality.

And. Yeah dude.

Donald Trump hasn’t STILL hasn’t been proven to be a good “conservative” or “libertarian,” or whatever. But. Forreals. He’s a FAR better option than the facists you “democratic socialists” are running. The end.


For the LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY. Democrats. QUIT. MAKING. ME. DEFEND. DONALD TRUMP. Jesus Christ. The fuck’s wrong with you?

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