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Dude. This is the first time I’ve rambled in quite some time. Right?So. I better make this thing matter or whatever, right? Although. This situation is so god damn stupid that I barely care about it. But it;s… relevant? Merhaps? I have no idea. Last I knew, Pelosi was calling her supporters… somehow… to pray for the president.

Just. Batman Facepalms all-round.

But. I mea. The biggest Batman facepalm comes here, due.



Come on.

That dude there? Steven Hely? Or whatever? I think that’s his name. I’m going to immediately forget about him after these next few stendtecnes. So. Congrats! Steven Hely!(?)


I served under six presidents!



How do you cunts not undertand that that is PRECICELY why Donald Trump was elected in the firtplace? Right? Like. FFS. How in the living shit should ANYONE “serve” under six presidents? How the fuck is that hsit legal? Yet. “Ew. Republicans. Racist. Old white men. Ew.” Just. Ugh. Dude.

The Democrats are the racist assholes. Throughout history. And today. How the fuck is this not clear? Just. FFS.

Lol. I know. I know. We just had a black president and stuffs. But. Forreals. Black people. You NEED us to be successful. You CAN NOT make it on your own. Because. The man! So… make us… you know… The man! You NEED US! Black people! lol LUVMEPLZ!

Dude. THis whole, “impeachment” thing. The democratic controlled congress is trying to impeach Donald Trump. For. Some reason.

I mean. I get it. THE reason is:

ORANGE MAN BAD! lolz There you go, base! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020! Please vote D in 2020!

I get it.

Because. Dude. Legit. There’s NORTHING to impeach Trump on. “Russia`1” Didn’t pan out. Billions of dollars later. THANKS DNC! So. I guess. Let’s go with “UKRAINE~!” This time. YAY!


Saying, “Hey dude, Biden was dumb that one time.” And then. You know. SEVERAL MINUTES LATER. Saying, “Yeah, let me know if you find more corruption, happens.” Is TOTALLY high crimes and misdemeanors. Totaly. Comepltey. Impeach the dude now!

Ukraine’s OM said, “Nah dude, I wasnt pressured. At all.”






Jesus Christ. DUde.

How the hell do you people not get this. I know. I know. I know. I’m such a racist, xenophobic, sexist, islamophove because I said, “you people.” I know. That joke got played to death in 2009. But seriously. How the hell do you peope NOT get this?

The democratic party KNOWS that they’re going to lose in a landslide. They, along with the mdia. HEY THERE, PROJECT VERITAS! Have been creating this bullshit.

Where. Basically.

Whoever out of those socialists on the democratic debate stage becomes the nominee, their slogan will be:

Had enough yet?

Beause dude. The media. THe left. Eveyrthing. They’ve beat Americans to death. With how shitty Donald Trump is. So. Instead of “Hope and Change.” We’re going to get, “Had enough?” Which. I mean. Congrats, progressives. That’s a winning message that YOU’VE created. Out of wholecloth. And shit. So.

Good job.

Again. As if I need to restate this. But.

I’m no Trump sicophant. Hell, everything about this current Kurds/Syria situation is pissening (although, I mean, LEGIT, he’s reaping the previous administration’s sows there… but… lol! TRUMP IS ANTI-WAR! SO… WE’RE THE LEGT AND MAINSTREAM MDEDIA! SO WE GOTTA LOVE WAR NOW!… legit. That’s what’s happened the past week). Trump HAS NEVER BEEN my ideal candidate. And I didn’t vote for him in 2016. It’s illegal to disclose who I voted for in Colorado. So. Yeah. I didn’t vote for him.

And. Again. I’m not 1000% on board for voting for him next year. But god damn it. He’s a FAR better choice than the 12 socialists that are running as democrats.

Impeachment, though?

No dude. Trump’s NO WHERE NEAR any sort of crime worthy of impeachment.

Gulini? Whatever the fuck’s going on there? Merhaps. Right? I mean. Here. Lemme state this real quick:

I don’t care WHO’S  commiting illegal activity. Biden and his son and stuffs? All the evidence points to EXTREMELY SHADY shit. But. Nothing seems to be illegal. Rudy giulania? And his peoples? Peoples that just got arrested and sutffs? If the evidence PROVES they commited crimes. tHEY deserve justice. Hillary Clinton. OBVIOUSLY broke laws by sharing confidential emails. And that’s like… the BARE MINIMUM of her crimes. But. She deserves justice. Uma person? You know. Weiner’s wife? WHo went on to share those emails further? She deserves justice.

But. LOL. That’s so quaint. I’m calling to “lock her up” in 2019. Aww…. that’s so cute.

As of now. Trump has had nothing proven against him. Giuliania has some… thing… happening. I want justice.




Be consistant. Right?

If It wasn’t the american people’s business that Bill Clinton lied about getting his dick sucked.

Then. FFS.

THere’s NONE% of, LEGIT, democrats that should believe that Donald Trump should be impeached because he said, “Biden,” and “look into your corruption,” in the same phone call. Right?

Come the fuck on dude.

I know dude. You’re angry.

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