I’m Legitimately Scared

While American universities are filled with protesters due to second-hand accounts of words that may, or may not have been said to one or more students… somewhere. And those words may, or may not have been offensive to one or more listeners. Maybe.

The world, in particular, the Western World is dealing with problems that I can’t even fathom. Ben Carson can’t even fathom. The refugee situation is a debate that NEEDS to be had in front of American cameras. Because the situation is WAY too complex. Hell. Even Chris Mathews. “Chill up my leg,” Obama apologist. Has, seemingly done SOME sort of 180 on his support of the great and holy presidency he once so ever loved.

There’s not even a drop of spittle to be seen! All the while, he sounds like the craziness that is Chris Matthews all the same.

Then, of course, there is the political scientist — the best pundit I trust for ALL of my political issues. This past week, he reentered the narrative with these words:

Look, it’s called, they have a country!

Then, he was all, like, “NO WE NEED TO REGISTER ALL MUSLIMS~! OR ELSE~!” But, (as much as it may pain me to say it) no. He really didn’t suggest this huge “Muslim Database” thing. The reporter that asked the question did. So. Score one for Donald Trump being innocent. I believe the scoreboard of Mr. Trump’s innocence being along the lines of 2.5-1,000,000,00. But still. He ISN’T to fault on this statement.

Meanwhile. While there are legitimate concerns to be had on this whole topic of “refugees” and whatnot, especially in the wake of the Paris attacks. But the whole situation. The Syrian refugee crisis. There is no right or wrong answer. There isn’t. It is a legitimately tough situation to handle. It’s so tough that it, most likely, shouldn’t be handled IMMEDIATELY, in the way the current President of the United States is advocating.

Meanwhile, here in America, our learned college student body, ELITE, has been on the war path. Wait, I’m sorry to use such strong language. They’re not causing any wars. I apologize for affecting the safe space of college students that MAY be protesting something REAL?! But. They’re just “peacefully protesting.” Because. Nothing SCREAMS “peacefully protesting” than shoving media around or bullying.

I’m pretty positive that both Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi bullied their transgressors into submission. I’m damn near positive that bullying and strong-arming, SPECIFICALLY targeting media outlets that were there for the soul purpose of broadcasting the events. Rev. Dr. King and Gandhi both used their “pawns” (for, SERIOUS, lack of a better term), to forcibly remove all media sources from covering their movements. Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi STRICTLY drew lines in which NO ONE could cross. These lines were deemed safe. To both individuals. These places that were safe. They were spaces. They were…

Safe. Spaces.

But. Hey. These college protesters, at least they’ve got a legitimate reason to be protesting. I mean, it’s not as though the “MizzU” protests spawned from something so inconsequential as a member of the the student body administration being called a name or anything.

Or. Wait.

Really. In all seriousness. None of this had ANYTHING to do with Halloween costumes, being, potentially deemed “offensive,” right?
No. Even, one of the worst examples of “AMAZING PROGRESSIVISM~!” on Comedy Central couldn’t satirize the subject deep enough.

But really.

The point of this whole rambling?

I am. Legitimately scared.

While America’s enemies are imploring that, YES. This IS about Islam. Their bastardized version of the faith. They ARE misinterpreting the Qur’an and Hadiths and such. But hey. At least there’s CAIR to back them up and such~!

But again.

I’m legitimately scared.

The modern, American crime scene.

The American youth, whose generation is, apparently connected to mine, has turned out to be nothing but pussies. This — MY generation — can’t handle being called names. They can’t handle ANY sort of argumentative disagreement. They CAN NOT HANDLE being told, “No.”

All the while, America’s enemies are gaining more and more strength whilst being “contained” (NOTE: Not defeated) by the American administration.


Damn. It.

The point is.

Americans are becoming more and more pussified. All the while. The Islamists (NOTE: Not Muslims) are becoming stronger. Their beliefs are becoming more and more verified. Or. At least. Their propaganda has become more and more real. Or. At least. Their propaganda has become more and more true.


And thus.

I am. Legitimately. Scared.

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