I’m Going Back to 1890

Dude. I’ve been saying this for the past few monts now. But I mean… at this point? No matter what “GOOD” happens. I’m gonna go back to 1890. It’s like 98% confirmed now. It’s gonna happen. Hopefully, some time before March of next year. But not before February 25th. Of next year.

In case you’re confused about the year of this whole situation.

Let me clarigy.

The year doesn’t matter. I could say, “I’m going back to 1970.” Or, “I’m going back to 1965.” Or… I dunno… “I’m going back to 1548.” It doesn’t matter. WHat matters is. It’s gonna happen. Within that time period I just described.

Logic has gone out the window  A LONG ASS TIME AGO.

And. I’m jusat done dude. So. I’l give my thoughts on a couple of the big news things before I wrap this up. Hell.. these might be a kinda quasi… “Watching off…” but whatever. Let’s start with this.

President Trump’s “Social Media” executive order.

  1. First and foremost… I watched and/por listene to this as it happened live… on what… Wednesday? Is that how time works? And that’s legit, all the research i’ve done into what this, apparent, “law” is.
  2. THE POLICY. That Trump made into an exectutive order… by and large… I like it. Because. The section 10-10-2-20 HAS been abused by social media platforms. A Youtube user is, at least prior to the siging of this executive order, NOT allowed to say the word “coronavirus,” without reprecussions. Such as visability, or.. I mean… the obvious being the demonitization aspect. That. JUST THAT in it of itself strips Youtube of being a “public platform.” THey are, defacto, publishers. Stripping the section 10-10-2-20 protections. Generally, I think is a good movie.
  3. BUT. FFS. This should’t be done by executive order. Shit. I’m uncomfortable with the full 2/3s majority of Congress coming to this agreement. Because I hate government regulation. But I mean. It’s GOVERNMENT protection that social media websites are hiding under as is. So… I dunno.
  4. Noiw. Yes. THE  big argument about taking away the section 10-10-2-20 agreement, mostly has something to do with copyright law. And how big of a mess this will continue to become… at least… in the case of Youtube (cause… legit.. . Youtube is the only “social media” I give half a quarter of a shit about). And the DMCA stikes could become more and more abused. Which is why we just need common sense bullshit. I mean. I’m, obviously, (even in retrospect) no fan of the dude or his presidential bid. But Hermon Cain’s plan of making legistlation on ONE sheet of paer. Is kinda… like… common sense. Right? But whatever. DMCA laws can, and will be abused under this new, blanket Executive Order (or at leasdt… that’s an argument I heard against repealing se3ction 10-10-2-20 laws) is concerned.
  5. But. I mean. Apparently… somewheres in this here press conference, Tumps all like, “Yeah dude, I’ve got no problem with Twitter shutting down as a result of this.” Or… SOMETHING similar. And. I mean…

    There’s not. One of these. Big enough.
  6. Keep in mind. This ALL  came about. Because Twiter had the ‘UNMITIGATED GALL” to “fact check” a tweet he wrote. I mean .Of course. Whataboutism. “Twitter never did, nor wouldn’t ever do that to Obama!” Whatever. Dumbness. Point is. It’s all because of this. That this Executive order exists. Because Trump’s ego is too big. He’s perfect. In his mind. And. I’m sorry, Trumptarded readers of mine… it’s not good.
  7. But. Like. With EVERYTHING in this Trump administration. I’m left on the fence. “Trump is either being the best president ever, or he’s becoming Hitler.” That’s kinda the fine line I walk. Idealogically. Thankfully. Mostly. When these sorts of situations spring up. Trump has, thus far been the former, rather than the latter. So. I guess time till tell? Who knows. Youtube’s already surpressing raw video of the Minneapolis uprising. So uh,,,

RANDOM SIDENOTE: YouTube has become the Chinese government. Censoring material that they don’t deem worthy of being seen. I’ve legit spent the past 2 hours looking for a video to share here. And I mean. This is the best I could. And. It’s from local, legacy media. For less than a minute. So…

  1. Dude. Justy scrolling through Facebook… I’ve seen a friend make a post condemning “people calling out the looting, but not the murder.”
  2. Which, Legit. There;s NONE% of these people that exist. People that ONLY condemned the rioting looters but didn’t condemn the murdering police officers. If they do. Then it’s. LEGIT. 0.000001% of the population. FFS.
    Sean. FUCKING Hannity.

    You know. This guy. This guy I’ve mocked, ridiculed, called the biggest piece of shit in the meida. Name it, I’ve said it about this piece of shit (I just did it again FFS!)

    Evem HIS dumb ass condemed the police. Said they deserve criminal chargers. Because. IT’S COMMON. FUCKING SENSE.  And. I mean. I’d argue otherwise. But Seany Hanns has A LICK of common sense in his body. From time to time. It’s rare. But he does. And he did. FFS. If Seany Hanns has been out there calling for criminal charges… it’s GOT TO BE the LITERALL ABSOLUTE David Duke kinda fringes (again… 0.000001%) of the population that wouldn’t condemn the murder before they duid the looting. THe. Domestic Terrorism (oof… that sound bad… keep reading, I promise)

  3. I’ve seen another. Which. This is going to sound like a parody. But I shit you not. A friend of mine either directly said or posted a meme comparing buring Nike shoes (in response to Colin Kaepernick… which… again… Colin Kaepernick should NEVER be ANYWHERE NEAR a spokesperson for you… but…). To buring down Minneapolis. Lemme repeat. Having a local bonfire (IF IT GREW THAT MUCH) in your backyard… buring your own property is comparable to commiting arson on 170+ local businessnes.

    There’s not. One of these. Big enough.
  4. White Privilege.
  5. (this is about to sound like a parogy but fuck you it’s my identity) As a cis, white male lesbian… This Georgle Floyd situation has opened my eyes and made me realize, as far as police are concenred? I’ve undoubtedly experienced white privilege. For obvious reasons, I won’t go into further details other than to say: If George FGloyd’s aleged crime was worthy of a death sentence (death by cop), I’d have been back in 1890 already. Not that I’ve had run ins with police. But…
  6. Apples to apples. Comparisson. Police should’ve executed me too.
  7. After I watched the George Floyd murder for the first time. I reached out to one of the best human beings I’ve encountered on this apocalyptic planet. We, obviously, couldn’t agree 1000% on the situation, or (more accurately) the sorounding situations.
  8. And. I mean, It’s undoubtedly due to the fact that I have… I’m going to label it “criminal” white privilege.
  9. But. To my mother that’s going to read this. And/or anyone else that doesn’t believe “white privlege” exists… Lemme tell you… it does.
  10. Shit man. I’m POSITIVE. I’ve, if nothing else, maked a joke akin to, “LOLZ! WHERES MY WHITE PRIVILEGE?” Either in writings here or on the old podcasts. Or whatever.
  11. I, obviously, understand the immediate, gutteral reaction, “HOW DARE YOU SAY I’M PRIVILEGED?!”
  12. I feel you, dude.
  13. But man… It may be, MAY BE, statistically innacurate… AGAIN.. shit… I’m more likely to be shot by a police officer. STATISTICALLY. But statistics don’t matter.
  14. Actions speak louder than words. And. The actions, statisically unfounded or not, show that black lives haven’t mattered.
  15. Eric Garner in New York. I JUST went over this in the last rambing (where I’m sure I come across as an entitled asshole) I mean…. the visual evidence should prove that he was murdered unjustly. Period. Whatever happened in the grand jury… happened. But. Still.
  16. Travon Martin . Ugh.

    This piece of shit Zimmerman guy.
  17. Bro. 9-1-1 operator told him not to follow Trayvon. But his dumb ass did. His dumb ass got his ass whooped in a hand-tohand fight. And, apparently, he heard Trayvon say, “You’re gonna die tonight!” That’s when his dumb ass shot and killed Trayvon Marton.
  18. In THIS… again… DUMB ASS scenario… is Zimmerman legally allowed to “stand his ground” and shoot Trayvon. Yes.
  19. Was Trayvon allowed to legally attack someone for harassing him? No. Unless, of course, we don’t have the full story. And. I mean. Most likely, this is the case. THE ONLY story of the events (i.e. “You’re gonna die tonight”) are on the word of a piece of shit. With the last name Zimmerman. Most likely, there could and should have been a “lesser” crime that this piece of shit, Zimmerman, should be serving justice for killing Travon Matin
  20. Guys.
  21. There’s dozens of cases of unarmed black people being unjustly killed by police, that never make national headlines that DESERVE attention. To ignore this is… uterally, comepltelt disgusting in it of itself. man. Shit. I… LITERALLY had the balls to to try and say “I’M MORE LIKELY TO GET KILLED BY A POLICE OFFICER.”
  22. But… i mean..

  23. Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer while surrendering by saying, “DON’T SHOOT!” Whilst his hands were risen.
  24. Except. You know. That never happened according to eye witnesses and, you know, scientifically.
  25. FFS… I sound like a condescending dickhole. My bad.
  26. But…
  27. Even given ALL of this. I still have to stand by: All lives matter.
  28. With an asterisk.
  29. All lives matter. No one. Should be harmed. Injured. Killed. Unjustly. Period.
  30. Of course. Black lives matter.
  31. Call it white naivete, probably justly, all you want.
  32. And. No, I’m not trying to discredit the POINT of the Black Lives Matter movement. “If black lives don’t matter, no lives matter.” I 1000% agree with that statement and arguement. I do. I swear by anything holy. I promise, I agree with the statemtn.
  33. But I can’t, logically, put one sect of people above another.
  34. I guess. I wanna live in that 10 yearish gap in time. Between the OJ verdict and Hurricane Katrina. Where, we really stopped giving a shit about race. And we all looked at each other as humans.

So there’s all of that.

All of the, current, evidence as to why I’m gonna be heading back to 1890 early next year.

Legit? There’s like… 5… wait.. no, now that I think on it, there’s 6 things that could stop it from happening. But uh.. yeah dude. 98% chance it’s going to happen. So.



Here dude. The POINT i’m trying to make here. Badly. Is. I’m done.

I’m done with all of this kinda bullshit. I’m done with politics. I’m done with “news” this modern version of it…


I’m fucking done, man.

From here on out? All I’m going to be rambling about are things that send out good vibes. Things I CARE about. Things that, at the end of the day, aren’t all abnout the impending apocalypse that 2020 still has in store for us. You know?


I’m just gonna enjoy this time.

Come with me on this journey. I mean… if you’re even a semi-fan of the things I’m a fan of… dude.. so much awesomeness is coming between now and when I go to 1890. I promise. It’s gonna be a FUCKING FUN ride. Join me. Shall you?


Whatever man. I’m you’re humble drunkard from afar. I know nothing. I just spew nonsense. Pretty much. Take care. Stay safe,

Love you.

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