A little foreplay. Or something. Before I start this rambling. I’ll inform you that I haven’t had much to drink yet. However. I’ve been up for 24 hours (as I write this 10:11EST) and I’ll continue to drink. but here goes.

Idiocracy. It’s a 2006 film. Written/Directed by the comidic genius that is Mike Judge. You know. The guy that created Beavis and Butt-head (america’s greatest cultural achievement), King of the Hill, Office Space and most recently, Silicon Valley.

But Idiocracy seems to have garnished some sort of rabid beyond-cutl-like following over the last two years or so. All that has to do with the whole. ou know. “Election.” Thing. Merhaps it only rambed up after all was said and duone. I don’t know.

And. By the way. This here rambling? It has nothing to do with the documentary, Idiocracy. Mije Judge’s work has nothing to do with the upcoming words here. At all. there’s not much that I want to say about the movie right now. Maybe. sometime. I’ll do a “wartching of…” rambling of it. Some day. Let me know if you’d like to see it.

However. As I write these words. Take head. because. Forreals. Idiocrazy is playing in the background right now.

It’s just.


Covers ALLL of politics these days. 

So. without delving too deeply into politics. Allow me to delve deeply into plitics. You know. The statement I said in the past two political ramblings.

Dispite evidence to the contrary. I truly am deeply sick of this echo chamber we’ve created as Americans. hell — probably as citicenz (LMAO at that typoe) lf the Western world.

But. Alas.

There’s been a couple of stories that have caught my eye this week. Although, one took place during my ‘political hiatus” and I’m just now remembering to mention it. Thus. I’ll be discussing all of it here. Now. Because. Iciodyay. Fuck man. Let’s do this. Right?

First. Foremost. The thing I keep forgetting to mentiuon. Or. The thing that happened in the “hiatusness.” Whatever. THE THINGl. That is. BY AND LARGE. The WORST thing to happen to American politics. IN the HISTORY of everl. Next to a reality TC show host becoming President, of course.

We’ve got.

This. Piule. Of. Dumb. Fuycking. Bullshit.








Essentially. What I’m aout to criticize here. Is. THE MOST. EASILY. PROV-A-FUKING-BLE lie. Ever told. In the HISTOYR of FUCKING EVER. Seriously. Al Gorte’s not even trying at this point. For. Fucking. Reals.


Al Gore. Legit. Just. Fucking. Lied. STRAIGHT. To YOUR global warming alarmist face. What I’m discussing here. Is something that Mr. Gore’s been on about for the passed. I don’t know? five-ish years. Because. “I SAID SO~! I’M SUPER DUPER SERIAL! EXCELSIOR!”

0:0:14-0:0:31 of that trailer.

Al Gores’s been using this talking point. Since “SUPER DUPER STORM SANDY~!” And it’s a COMPLETELY.



Fine. Have your arguments about climate change/global warming. Whatever.

But to accept an OUNCE of ANYTHING Al Gore serves you. Agter ALL Of this. Just. Reexacmine your fucking life. Dude. For. Fucking. Reals.

Since. Youtube/Al Gore/global warming alarmists/whatever are smart enough. After my quick drunken research. You can’t find the clip I’m trying to locate from And Inconvenient Truth. But. It’s the clip. Gore’s on about there in those 15ish seconds in the trailer shown above.

#1. In an Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore is warning that. Merhaps. If ALL of the ice in the north pole. AND all of the ice in Iceland and ALL ice covered, northern lands (essentially) melt. THEN… lower Man hattan. The 9/11 memorial included will flood. Permanently.
#2. The 9/11 memorial did flood during SUPER DUPER STORM SANDTY~! I’M SUPER SERIAL! But. It.. you know. OBVIOUSLY wasn’t permanent. Go to the 9/11 Memorial right now. Do it. This here rambling will wait. Continue reading after you’ve visitied.

Alright. I’ll assume you’ve seen the 9/11 Memorial with your owm two eyes. Tell me, dear reader. Is it STILL flooded to this day?

Well… Shit.


How could ANYONE take him serial? EVER?!~ Forreals man.

Again. I don’t KNOW the answer on climate change. Or if ANYONE can have an affect on it. That burning orb in the sky probably would have MUCH more affect on our climate than does our species in which ALL 7,000,000,000+ of us would fit, shoulder-to-shoulder within the island of Mouie. But. Whatever. Have that arguement if you must.

Now. On to Republicans. Kinda.


TYhe American Health Care Act.

And all of its cringiness. The title alone dude.

But like. just a few minutes after it was released to the world online and shit. There were protestors. Stageing a “die in.” nevermind the facrt that is. Pretty much. The Affordable Care Act. Minus… like.. THREE “conservative” things. But. Come on Dems. AHCA = ACA. Preetty much exactly.

Minus. the individual mandate ( which is THE MOST UNAMERICAN FDEWDERAL LAW IN THE HISTORY OF EVER).

Minus. Defunding Planned Parenthood (forreals Dems, admit it, there’s NO REASON for a pribate organization to recieve federal tax dollars., tax exemption… have that argument). Which. I mean. Maybe. Kinda that’s a part of the bill. Merhaps. Possibly.

Some taxes on the wealthy maybe. Kinda. Go way. maybe.

Those last two things (hell even the first) are written in a way that none of those things change.

Pre-existing conditions? Stil in tact. Coverage until yu’re 26-years-old? Still in tact. |

But hey.


And. Man.

Like. I just heard. One of the worst things. I’ve EVER heard. With my earballs. Next to that Al Gore trailer bullshit. Obviously. Oh. And. You know. Leonardo DiCaprio’s grunting throughout all of The Revenant.

Just. Man.


How far can you push this shirt? Right/

Republicans. CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES. Criticizing the Hillary Clinton donnaor Republican president. Means. YOU CAN’T VISIT MY STATE! MEHMEHMEH!

And yet. These typoes of people are the ones that have the audacisty to call the opposition “snowflakes.” Such cuntery. Glenn Beck jokenly threatened to stab his radio co-host at CPAC whilst discussing Trump previously?! GLENN BECK THRERATENED HIM! SECRET SERVICE! STAT!

Such idiocracy.

I mean. Literally dude. You Trumptarded cunts are just a hop skip and a jump away from this:

Then again. Lefties. Especially you assholes with a hard on about global warming. You’re pretty much there too.


I’m done.

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