House of Cards Created Trump


I really. RTally. REALLY. Do NOT want to talk about politics. Five iush months after the fact. The left AND THE RIGHT cannt get over the fact that Donal Trump is President. Both sides. ARE STILL. Completely. 1000% stupid about it.



Just. Fucking.


I don’t want to get started on this. But like. Seriously. Fuck this. EVERYTHIGN that this is. AND every argument against it. FUCK it. ALL.

As I’ve said, and reminded time and time again. I too am no Trump fan. At all. For the most part. But man. Things like that Colbert rant. It makes me want to defend the guy. Which isn’t a place I want to be. Ever.

None of this has anything to do with what’s on my mind right now, though.

And. I still. Really. REALLY do’t want to talk politics. But like. This has the Netflixy angle in there. So. Maybe it’s not full blown poltics. It’s just… half cocked? Something? I don’t know.

But man. As much as season five of the AMAZING Netflix Show House of Cards is OBVIOUSLY going to attempt to be less amazing. All I can tell you is. Dude. Forreals. Like. And unspeakable amount of truth is about to happen. right here. Right now.

But first. If; For some reason, you haven’t. And you are reading this.

Here is the trailer for House of Cards’ figth season.

Awesome. Amazingness. All that. Right?

j mean. Obviously.

Now. The direct, “headline” of this rambling. Maybe a bit clickbait-y. A bit. Obviouslt House of Cards didn’t create the Donald Trump presidency. But. That there trailerness. Damn near explains jpw this guy became president. Almost. Kinda.

Buyt. I mean.

The Amercan people are like children…
They need me.
They need you.

All that.

How does that NOWT explain the Trump presidency, right?

But then again. My “argument” here pretty much falls flat on its face. By and large. Those that voted for trump (es;ecially during the Primary) wanted him as President because “he can get things done!” Or whatever.

And so. Through writing this. One of the biggest points I had to make falls flat on its face. This point was: American’s are tired of being controlled! Told what to do! Things!

But nah dude.

Republicans. Ya’ll voted for a king. A guy that will “just get it done!”

Just as much as the democrats voted for a kingin 2008. All under the guise of “hope” and “change.” “Hope and Change” is pretty much EXACTLY the slame slogan as “Make America great again.” Both are completely progessive in nature… no that’s not it.

OK man. Here’s the thing.

Because. I keep pussy-=footing around it because, HEY~! THAT’S WHAT AWESOME WRITERS DO~! So let me get to the point.

The quote I mentione abve. “American people are children” et.c et.c. (Wow. Same typo twice in a row, pretty sure that’s a first ere). that sort of mentality IS the feeling that most Trump voters felt.

MOST, not all — as there were plenty-a reason to vote for Trump — were looking for someone to do what Trump promissed on the campaign trail. “Drain the swamp.” And you know. Everything else he promised on the traile. “Lock her up,” “Build the wall,” et.c (Fuck. Again with that typo. Jesus).

They were and are sickto death of this mentality that “government is your parent” and shit like that. “Government is the solution.” Now. I still would argue that they were totally wrong in their intellectual thinking her.e But like. The basic argument is sound.

The Amercan people are like children…
They need me.
They need you.

We’re human beings. Governed by our supposed equals. Not superiouts. Now the “superiour” mainstream media (Fox News included) can’t get over the fact that Trump won.

When really man.

The answer is staring you in the mirror.

Something like that?

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