Gun Fever III: Electric Boogaloo.

Look man.

I can’t take it anymore. Another school shooting happened. And everyone lost their everloving minds about it. WAY more than they did even after ne of the worst things to ever happen in Americanhistory, the Newtown, Connecticut massacre.

Merhaps. You know, this time there was some sort of structured organization? Hrmph.

Either way man, I couldn’t take the contstant, same-old-samle-old arguing. I even shut off the typical news shows I watch daily. Because… I just could NOT take it dude.

Not only that. But i wanted to practice what I preach. I wanted to get out of the “emoitions” of the moments. When I was gonna ramble about this, I was going to do wit outide of the fog of war. We’re always saying (and by “we” I have no idea what that means, “Republicans?” “Classic liberals?” I don’t know), “You can’t legislate whilst emotional,” or whatever. And. I wanted to do that. But. You know. The equivelant of that. Or awhtever.


In reality.

Without even trying, I found out that there were some readily available clips on Youtube. Thats what truly set this rambling off. Because guys. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia already settled this, “ban guns/keep guns” argument. Perfectly. Nearly perfectly, anways.

And. Of course. Always Sunny, being the nearly perfect show that it is. Always had these goins on in the same episode.

Because. You n,ow, Republicans are all, “ROCK, FLAG AND EAGLE!~” About everything.

And. As always. Everyone on both of these sides have become caricatures of themselves. I mean. Come on guys.

Republicans are making the case, “You know what creates school shootings, abortions!”  Literally. They’re trying to make that case. At least, this dude is. And really, I’m so sick and tired of this dude.


I mean.

The bits and pieces I’ve cared enough to listen to from… you know…

All this sorts of nonsense.

Is eqyakky, if not more ridiculous, dude.

So much so, I can’t even be bothered to share any sort of clips or anything. Yes. You experienced something horrible. No one should experience what you did. But. Just. Stop.

The kid’s a Soros funded popularity-hungry teenager. No one, in their right minds, should ever take him seriously. But hey there, Bill Maher!

But hey. Let’s also take the media… SUPER DUPER SERIAL!

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Mr. President, Obama, person. “It’s easier for a teenager to get his hands on a gun than a book,” person. Thing. I mean. IF THAT WERE TRUE. Why the hell are you representing the party that wants to ban books, right? The “classic” books anyways. Whatever. Sigh.

Just shut up man. Everyone.

“The founding fathers never intended for us to have weapons of war~!”

Yes. Yes they did.



One of these. Obviously.

So long as the second amendment reads:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Dude. It’s all LAID OUT THETE IN PLAIN SIFHT man. One of THE first things tyrants and dictators do is take away guns from citizens. It happened to the founders. It happened to Jews in 1930’s Germany. When citizens can’t defend themselves against “weapons of war,” tyranies begin, dude.


OK. Sure. You got me there.


Crime escalated in both of those countries post-gun bans. Sure there wasn’t a rise in murder or homicide. Those levels stayed reletively even.

My take? Being the classic liberal, “Libertarian,” person, thing that I am.

I’ll keep my allegience towards, the whole, “shall not be infringed” bit in that Secon Amendment. OK?

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