Giving Up


I know.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said these sorts of things in the past. But like. Forreals this time.

I seriously can’t, man. I can’t.

No. I’m not about to do these emo-y things again.

But man.

I just. I don’t understand. Nothing makes sense. Nothing.

Up is down.

Left is right. (And vice-versa as the case may be)

Cats and dogs are living together. MASS HYSTERIA!~

Ad everything.

Seriously though. Scrolling through social media has become a fucking chore, dude. Everyone’s trying to be “right.” Everyone’s trying to win an argument that should be universal. np one is even REMOTELY attempting to be cirtizen journalists. We’re all just accepting whatever the headline posted by one of our FDacebook friends is saying. We’re all just sharing memes because we’re all trying to win the argument.

We;re akk either accepting “facts” or we’re trying to create them. No one looks into the other side.  No one is searching for common ground. No one is being rational. At all.

This. Damn. Song. Dude.

When I first heard this song. It was in the wee hours of November 7th. Or. You know. Basically. November 8th. When I first watched the amazingness that was Ben Howe’s The Sociopath. I was damn near moved to tears when I heard it then.

Biut when after I watched The Sociopath for a second time. And I heard that song up there. I started weaping. Literally. Pretty much.

Then the election night happened.

Stuffs. Things. Words.

And boom.

I just listened to the song for the first time, since, I’m pretty sure, election night, tonight. And just. Dude. We all. Everyone. Left. Right. Center. Everyone. We’ve got to hang our head down. What have we done? Right? Hang down your head and trouble someone. it’s fucking time to say goodbye. Right?

But no.

Instead of being intellectually curious.

Instead of being intellectually honest.

Instead of trying to find common ground.

Instead of trying to heal this divided nation.


On both sides.

Has decided.

To argue about…



There’s NO amount of these that fits this situation.



The point is.

Ya’ll have got to figure your shit out. The end.

I’ve done by best to try and “heal” this shit with you, America. I tried to help those on the left to find common ground, the morning after the election. Just last week. I tried to bring forth the most uniting message… this side of Abraham Lincoln. (JUST FOR AN AWESOME TAKE ON THE ELECTION ITSEF, i HIGHTLY RECOMMEND THIS [left, right, center, YOU ALL NEED to watch that entire thing])

But nope.

Ya’ll just wanna continue to throw stones.

I’m. Fucking. Done. Dude.

And. Perhaps. And. Like. More than likely. This is good news for anyone that mioght be… even… REMOTELY instrested in reading these here ramblings of mine. But.

I’m 100% done talking about politcs.

I just. Can’t.

I can’t.

Ya’ll can argue about a fucking Halftime Show starring someone named LADY-FUCKING-GAGA. ALL THE FUCK YOU WANT.

I’m done.

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