Everything’s Destroyed. Bear with Me. Please.

And no…. I’m not on about like… the upcoming, quad-annual, listening to “Goodby America” that’s about to happen in 143 hours (as of me writing this) from now… give or take a few of those hours, of course. But uh…

Yeah dude… just look around. Right? RyansDrunk.com is pretty much destroyued at the moment. Right?

Like… it should be simple enough to… AT LEAST reupload the images that I’ve got on my current hardrive, right? But nah bruh. That’s not how shit works anymore. FFS… I spent about an hour just getting rid of all of my old “media” images.. etc. So… whatever I don’t know. All I know is…

Everything’s broke right now. And there’s not going to be an easy, magic wand, sort of fix. Ever. So. All of the ramblings I’ve written over the nearly 10 years? Broken forever, I guess. Thanks hackers! Which I mean… when you go back… shit… even a month ago… ramblings would be like semi-broken. But. Whatever. Doesn’t matter.

What matters is… RyansDrunk.com hits 10 years.

Stick with me, stickers. Right?

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