Drunken Watching of… The Final Presidential Debate (2016)

So. Yup.  I felt like doing it again. It’s actually a pretty good time. So. Here we go. Just like the first two times. Only with one rule change.

Drink when Donald Trump says:

  • Tremendous
  • Believe Me
  • China
  • Failed
  • Excuse Me
  • Bigly (or Big League)
  • Winning
  • Mexico

Drink when Hillary Clinton says:

  • Family
  • Middle Class
  • *Cough*
  • Together
  • Fair Share
  • Billionaires

Drink when either say:

  • Russia
  • Taxes
  • Syria
  • Women

Awwww…. here goes.

  1. Chris Wallace is already an idot with that constitution question.
  2. Well, what do you know, one of the candidates running for president mentioned the constitution. And it wasn’t the Republican. (1)
  3. And, I believe for the first time, the Republican finally brought up the second ammendment in these debates. (3)
  4. Where the hell did this Mr. Conservative Republican come from? (9)
  5. So far, Mr. Drumpf is winning me over, for he most part. If only he could be trusted. (13)
  6. “Look, it’s called we have a country.” – Donald J. Trump. Not in the debate. But. Basically. (17)
  7. And everyone's making some sort of big deal about the
    And everyone’s making some sort of big deal about the “no you’re puppet,” back and forth. And. Basically, it’s just stupid. This sad state of affairs. (24)
  8. What’s more important is the back and forth hat happened right after that. They both hit each other erally well. She, maybe moreso. But yeah.(28)
  9. Everything about her economic plan…
  10. Wiat,, Hillary,didn’t you used to call his “trickle down plan something else? (32)
  11. “Well, it’s awfully hard to get them to pay up when you have somebody saying, ‘We think how great they are.'” -Donald J. Trump. Let’s make Merica Great again, folks! (34)
  12. Hillary: Well, let me translate that, Chris.
    Drumpf: You can’t.
    …this was too damn hilarious. (35)
  13. So. When Obama came into office the national deficit was $9t. It’s now damn near $20t. Yet Hillary can say with a straight face that he’s cut the debt?
  14. I can never, ever hear someone say, “I personally believe…” anymore. I just can’t. (36)
  15. I guess. If you’re a trumptard and have been since the beginning of this election cycle, hese allegations from women and such isn’t going to matter to you. You have excused just about everything and anything that could be imaginable from this guy. To me personally? I don’t really know about anyt of this shit. Is Drumpfg s serial groper/rapist/whatever? I don’t think so. Is he sexually… I dunno… immature? Emotionally immature? Absolutely. Does that mean he’s unfit to be president? I mean, not really? Right? So long as no crimes were commited? I dunno. This probably sounds really stupid. And I’m more than likely sounding like a Trumptard at this point.  It just sucks at the turdsandwich was so bad. (44)
  16. One thing that is noteworthy about all of this women/Trump/groping/”locker room talk” thing is that eveb…

    Said something along the lines of, “That’s not talk I’ve ever heard from guys, or in locker rooms.”
    Howard. Fucking. Stern.

  17. Juses Christ. Don just said, “WRONG!” after Hillary mentioned that h mocked the disabled reported dude.  Just… (54)
  18. And Hillary just replays her ads’ talking points.
  19. So. Wallace goes into Trump’s women things. Mentions that he’ll talk about Trump’s accusations about Bill. But doesn’t.
  20. Hillary’s always happy to talk abotu the Clinton Foundation.
  21. Then. It devolves. EVEN LOWER. Into the “talking heads” scene from Anchorman 2.
  22. Going to Little Haiti in Florida might not have much to do with… you know… Haiti… haiti… Don. (59)
  23. And… they just talked about the whole, “rigged election,” thing. Everyone’s makingthe big deal that Don said “we wouldn’t concede” or whatever. I’ll save my thoughts on all of that at the end of this mess. (61)
  24. So, wait, Don. Which is it? The Iran Deal or NAFTA? Which one’s “THE stupidest deal of all time?” (62)
  25. Uh-oh, Hillary just cleared her throat… Fuck it. I’m counting it as a cough. (63)
  26. All 9of a suden, Hillary’s decided that a “Celebrity Apprentice” attack is a good one. I mean. She’s pretty much right. But. I dunno. (64)
  27. “What’s Allepo?”
  28. Just words. So I don’t lose count. They’re discussing ISIS/Syria/stuffs. And it’s actually a good debate. (75)
  29. “Because I am going to create tremendous jobs!”
    -Donald J. Trump. (76)
  30. “And they’re dealing with China. And they’re dealing with people that are very much smarter than they are.”
    -Donald J. Trump (77)
  31. Oh Jeuss. is Hillary falt out calling him a racist? “America was great when whites were aweseom?!” or whatever? Sigh.
  32. Alright. They’re just about wrapping up. But I totally spaced the “Failed” drinking rule for Donald. So. Let me retroactively make ammends. (I was at three, but… 90)
  33. “Your husband disagrees with you.”
    -Donald J. Trump.
    Now. As you saw in #15. I do’t care about these manufactured outrages about sexism. But. Holy shit. That even took me aback. (91)
  34. I took two more drinks.Because. Rules. So. (93)

The absolute worst thing that happened from this election cycle? I mean. Sure. I’ll give you this. And this. And this. But like. No. The. ABSOLUTE. WORST. Thing to come out of this 2016 election cycle. Is the simple fact that.

Barack Obama seems sane. Hell. At this point. I’d damn near vote for the dude’s third term.


But no ddue. Clinton’s no where near as radical. She’s NO WHERE NEAR the idealogue that Obama is/was. She’s just as dangerous. SUre.

But so is Trump. There is no winner in this election. None

The end.
The end.

In a few days, I’m going to do another rambling here on RyansDrunk.com. I’m going to show my actual early/mail-in ballot. With my vote for president. I’m torn between a few options. Well. Three, to be honest. MAYBE four. But not really.

As far as this debate goes?

Who won on policies? For me? Trump.
Who won on digs/attacks on the opponent? Straight up Draw.
Who won the “common man?” Hillary.
The OBVIOUS loser? Same as the first debate. The American people.

Thjs denate had the fewest “Batman facepalms.” So. That’s a plus, innit? (The first had six, second had seven, thhiis third had five)

But basically. Trump’s spewing the nonsense about the rigged election. Is just that. Nonsense. He didn the same thing during the primaries. Just as Hillary pointed out tonight.

And. He’s obviously going to do the same thing when he loses in the greatest landslide this side of Mondale.

Once that happens. His concession speech will be. Pretty much verbatim:

“Look, folks, we knew that the media, terrible people, horrible. Were going to spin this election. They wanted their crooked politician. It’s terrible! I know. We’ve got to put a stop to it, folks. We do. We have to communicate to everyone better. Very much better. Believe me. The truth isn’t spoken today! They can’t! It’s not good. Everything the media says is a lie. It’s crooked. It’s the broken media, folks. In the coming weeks. In the coming weeks. I’m going to put a stop to this. Sean Hannity and I are going to create something huge. It’ll be fantastic. Believe me. We’re going to put a tstop to this, folks! Join me! We’re starting a revolution! I’m launching Trump TV! It’s going to be fantastic!”

And. A second Fox News will be born. But a Fox News with even LESS integrity.



Barack Obama looks VERY sane compared to today.

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