Dreams of My Father

So. Like. I guess… the point of this ramblingis to share a few, memorable, dreams I’ve had over the years. Right? Buit like. More than that. Right?

If, for some odd reason, the image you saw brought you here, I’ll get into all of that in just a sex. But first.

Sciencey Dreamy Things. Merhaps.

And sure. I’ve had many-dream where I can fly, and I’m like, “Dude, why haven’t I done thisbefore, right?” i’ve also had many=a dream where I’m at school naked. Not just on stage. Just. You know. Going to school. Naked. Because “Come to School Naked Day” was an event during spirity week or something. And I, of course, had the dreams that became reality about my teeth falling out. Obviously.

But man.

There’s been a few, incliuding another that I just thought of that I’ve had (two of these happened SO recently, one was just “last night”) that have been so bizarre and random. I thought I’d share them with you lot. Yeah?

So. No. There’s NOTHING deep here, aside from, merhaps that Vsauce videio. It’s just me. Explaining some memorable dreams.

Starting with…

“Last night’s”:

Basically. It was more of “watching a movie” than it was, “having a dream.”

So. Let’s set the stage.

Strong woman is starring in a MODERN Sci-fi film. With supporting actress being…


Clad in a leather body suit.

But basically. We’re in a world. Modern day world. but also sci-fi as well. Somhorw. Cause like. Government agent, Strong Woman, is leading the charge. Heading to Antartica.

On the helicopter ride in, you (I) saw off in the distance, a heard of white-whooled, camel like creatures.

Considerably closer to the helicotoper/camera position, you saw 3ish dozen or so circular, large, metallic objects embedded into the icey floor of Antartica. Modern day. Sci-finess.

The helicopter lands.

You’re closer to the heard of wooly camel-ish creatures than you’re comfortable with.

But you see one up close.

And basically…

They look like that. There’s dozens of them in the heard.

Government agent, Strong Woman, is here, in antartica trying to convince, random, other soverign government agent, manipulatvie man.

Like this fguy.

That she needs to take out one of these circular computer servers out from the ground of Antartica, take them to some other planet in another galaxy. Because, LOLz we can in this dream movie thing. In order to spy on the Syrian government.

THAT GUY~! eventually gives in because Government Agent, Strong Woman has Asuka as a “bodyguard” or… you know, “stronger woman” thing.

Legit. That meeting took place, then, Strong Woman, Asuka, and… I guess now, “I,” am on the other plannet. We’re carrying along the HUGE, circular, “computer server.” And. I wake up.

Because. Like. My head is pounding, not acheing, but pounding along with my heartbeat. So. That was a medical scare that woke me up, only to drink some coffee. :$

The Jimmy Carter $72 bill.

This is a recent dream, the one that I just remembered was worth mentioning at the top of this rambling here.

Biut basically… the dream goes like this…

I’m in Cripple Creek, right. For those of you that don’t live in Colorado… Cripple Creek is like… Colorado’s “Las Vegas.” It’s our gambling headquarters. GTFO, Blackhawk.

Abd. Like. My mom, dad, and grandma are with me.

I win big on a “video game” slot machine thing. You know. THe modern day slot machine. And by, “win big,” I mean, “YUGE, GIGANTIC, FAILING!” Whatever Trump quotes you want to throw in there. I won by THAT miuch, dude.  So much so tha t the machine started spewing ouyt $72 bills out. Jimmy Carter’s face was spewed on this $72 bill.

I gave a handful of those bills to my grandmother. Because. She was there. Basically.

A Quick, Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming was covered pretty expertly by Vsauce in the video above. Basically. But to quickly describe it. It’s when you have the ability to control yourt dreams and such, right.

Well. The only time I TOTALLY know thaty this happened.


I was dreaming that I was in some sort of Dave &Buster’s place, right. Merhaps it was even Chuck E. Chees-y. I dunno.

But I semi-awoke.

Fell back askeep.

Realized I was dreaming and said, “Fuckg this, I’m dreaming. I should behaving sex with my dream girl, or something.

And then..


There she was.

In the Dave & Buster=y type of place.

But I approached her.

Abnd she wanted nothing to do with me. She pushed me away the whole time and stuffs. I mean. It’s a dream. And it was fucking awkward.

So. THe moral of the story is.

I’m so ugly/pathetic/whatever that even in a lucid dream. My dream girl would have nothing to do with me. In my litteral dreams. Right?

The Best Dream I Ever Had.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Keep in mind… thius dream happened like… 11 years ago or so. So. IU could be butchering things.

Remember thatr annoying person you worked with? You know the one. the dude that was so obnoxiously loud, but had no idea he was annoying? Right. Tge guy that didn’t necessarily make the job unworkable, like an Archer (random sidejoke the NO ONE will get), but he’s unknowingly obnoxious and just… annoyingh.

That co-worker, right?

Well… we’ll get to him.

First of all. The dream begins with people being “kidnapped.” I’m listening to the radio in my car whilst I’m, some how, on a date in the 1950’s or something (1950’s aren’t the setting of the dream… it’s just… the motif of it, something like that?). Some how. I’m on a date. I’m goiong to the locoal, burger joint. In my car. And on the radio, my date and I hear that there’s been so many vanishings lately…

They’re considering it to be a mass kidnapping. Off in the distance.

I see…

Trish Stratus.

But,. As I keep an eye on her, because, let’s face it, whoever “my date” was, she wasn’t as hot as Trish Stratus, right? Trish just fades away. Like. A literal human being. Just fading into non existence. And the crowd around her start to notice that she’s missing.

Soon after, I’m zapped away. Just. Poof. I’m no longer in the car I took my date to. I’m just at the same burger joint. And there’s Trish.

Kinda aged.


But e’re both at this same burger joint. I try to talk to her, but she’s confused as ever and wants NOTHING to do wiht me. Again. Dream girls hate me, even in my dreams.

Somehow, in the midst of all of this, I hear of an epidemic that’s been going around for decades. Aliens have been kidnapping people to the future.

And. Jusrt as I hear of thjois. Again. Sher fades away. Into non existence. Like she had before. We’re being kidnapped. Into the future.  By aliuens.

Next thing I know is, I’m “kidnapped into the future.” And I’m standing inside some sort of GIGANTIC Wal-Mart type facility. It’s Wal-Mart and steroids and crack and trillion Government bailouts big. Like. I’m standing in the bicycle department. And it’s as big as an entire Wal-Mart store.


But. Low and behold.

Next to me. You know. Separated by some three or four feet.

Is “THAT GUY.” That I worked with at the time.

Robin was was IRL name LOL~!

And in front of him. Was his, whom I SOMEHOW knew, was his wife. She’s yelling at him. Bitching. Complainging. You know. Nagging. Things like such as. Right.

And this annoying piece of shit that I worked with.

Not only was it of note that I’d been “kidnapped to the future,” and I’m still working with this annoying asshole. But even still. it was funny to see he was working, with me at this same Wal-Mart on steroidsplace. With his wife.

And she was bitching at him.

When she was done.

He replied, sarcasitically, “Yes, mother!”

After ALL of thatr.

IU woke up from that dream. Realized I had the best dream I’ve ever had. And I wrote it on MySpace. Unfortunately, MySpace no longer keeps blog posts, or else, this dream section would have been a LOT more accurate than this.


I DEFINITELY nailed the random awesomeness of it all.

“That’s a failure of critical thinking, because we don’t take into account the thousands of times that we have dreams that don’t predict the future. We forget all of those. We remember the lucky hits. And so, we falsely conclude that there’s something spooky going on.”
-Steven Pinker, 3/21/2018.

It was my first week. Working my first job as a senior in high school. I cam home, just needing a nap, you know? I’m at the end of the first semester of senior year. So I come home and nap.

I dream.

In this dream. I’m outside of my house.

The souble garage doors of the house are wide open. As I see varioous cousins and family memebers walking thrgh the garage into the home and such, right?

RANDOM SIDENOTE: The structure of the house: When you come in through the garage, you’re, basically, immediatelty met by the living room. Right? But immediately aftwards and on a semi-second floor is another section of the house. Including the dining room, kitchien, family room (nesxt to the front door) but basicalkly… the small set of strairs ajoined to the living room, conjoined to the garage, is a small “breakfast/dining area.” That area overlooks the living room, etc. section. Right?


My whole family, on my mothers side (and even back then, at the time, there was a quintillion of us, right) were gathered in the living room. Looking up into the small dining/breakfast area.

An aunt of mine that had been battling cancer was sitting there, in front of us all. Behind her were her daughters, my cousins, and her… estanged(?) husband. She looked deformed. Like. Elaphant man deformed. Not just “cancer patient.” Deformed. Or wahtedver. She wanted us, all of us, the family on my mother side, to gather here she could say, “Goodbye.”

I awoke from this dream.

And found out she died.




I’m still not good at ending ramblings.

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