Dear Sean Hannity

I know, I know, Sean. I know. You are very displeasesd. With me. With mayny people like me. I know. I get it. You’re upset that most people, with a functioning braincell, can read through your bullshit. Most people. With a functioning brain cell. Can understand that you put your eggs in the DOnald Trump baskety.

Now that the polls are showing that Trump will lose by more electoral votes than he will win, you’ve decided to attack us. The “Never Trumpers.”

Sure, you may have “made a promise to your audience” to give every Republican candidate arirtime. You, mr. Hannity, have to know. That you never even challenged Donald Trump with any question. You, damn near, NEVER tested the man. At all.

Meanwhile… in the Hanncave…

Everyone, aside from all of Fox News’ personalities (most of them) and Sean Hannity hmself can pretty easily see just how much that news organization and its personalities influenced the Republican primary in favor of Dunald Trump. For cunt’s sake the now outsed Roger Ailes is working for the Trump campagins. It’s pretty God damn obvious that his news organization would throw their weight behind Mr. Drumpf, now, innit?

But, look man. I’ve pretty much checked out of this Presidential election some four months ago. At this point, I’ve accepted that the country’s screwed no matter’s who’s eleted. Hell, being a Libertarian, I consider their presidential nominee to be the lesser of three evils. But that’s just thie thing. He’s still… “evil.” I’m done doing the lesser of evils thing. I’m absolutelty done.

Hannity wants to go-round blaming the “never trumpers” for Trump’s current poll woes. And it’s absoliutely moronic. The “never trumpers” are such a fraction of a fraction of teh REPUBLICAN party itself that there’s NO WATY they could influence this election. It’s statistically impossible.

But the sean Hannities. The Ann Colters (who, you know, it’s trendy to talk about what happened on the Roast of Rob Lowe, but I can honestly say as a right-leaning internet writer person thing that I am, I’ve never liked her, now with her blind Trumptardism… it’s all soliffided now). The Bill O’Rielly’s. The Eric Bolling’s. Pretty much every FGox News Personality threw their weight behind Trup. Very early. And. It’s. Obvious.

It’s the reason why I will not watch that network anymore. I mean, it wasn’t like I watched it all the time to begin with. But still. Not even Red Eye with Tom Shillue comes on my TV screen at this point. I’m done with all of it.

But to get right down to the point of all of this. Sean Hannitty’s been on the war path against never Turmepers. Even going so far to say that he “will never come to gether after this election.” He wants all of us, “never Trumpers.” to own the Hillary Clinton presidency.

No thanks.



No, dude.

not at all.

If Hillary wins, the blame is on ypoiu. And you alone. You, dear Trumptard. You, person that ABSOLUTELY voted against the system that you voted for a Republican that has previously donated millions of dollars to his current democratic opponent. If you’re a Hannity-esque Republi-trard. And the ONLY thing that you cared about was winning this election…

You should have thrown your weight behind Marco Rubio.

But hell.

We all know how weak Rubio was on that dang, darn, dangit immigration. You know. The thing that the Trumptards were SO HEADSTRONG ABOUT~!…

Womp, womp wooooomp…


Dear Seran Hannity,

I am a registered Republican (because of Colorado’s caucus rules). I want to support a party that is all about limited government intervention. I want to support a party that defeated slavery. I want to support the party that fought for civil rights in the 60’s (hey there, uneducated!). I want to support the party that supports more individula freedom. Not the collective.

But. Unfortunately, you, Mr> Hannity, play ed a big part in the current canddiate offered by the Republican party. You know. The party of Lincoln. The party of Reagan. The party of small government (as gar as the two big ones are concerned). And when he is defeated by a Democratic candidate that could have been easily beaten (for cuunt’s sake, the press doesn’t even like her… THAT MUCH, hey there Mr. Laurer!) by just about… ANYTHING. EVER.

You, Mr. Hannity. You HAVE to know and remember that YOU. And ONLY you. Decided to throw all of your influence towards this asshole.

I know that this bothers you, Mr. Hannity.
I know that this bothers you, Mr. Hannity.

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