Dear Donald Trump Supporters

Please know that you’re wrong.

  1. Donald Trump’s REAL immigration policy is TO THE LEFT of the “Gang of 8’s.” Tell me more about how he’s going to secure the border.
  2. Donald Trump wants to raise taxes. Tell me more about how he’s going to make the economy great again.
  3. Donald Trump has NEVER “asked God for forgiveness.” PLEASE, Mrs. Palin, tell me more about his “faith in the Almighty.”
  4. Donald Trump believes that the government should be able to take your privately owned land to make America great *COUGH*GIVEHIMMONEY*COUGH*.
  5. Donald Trump is more progressive than ANY Republican running in the primary. Yet. He’s the “conservative option.” Tell me more. PLEASE.
  6. “Make America Great Again” is 2016’s “Hope and Change.” Same philosophy. Different followers.
  7. Different followers. But still morons all the same.
    7.5 I haven’t even scratched the surface.

But. For more… please refer to this tidbit of awesomeness. Maybe awesomeness.

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