Man. I’ve gone a solid… I don’t know. Numbers of months without delving into politics. At LEAST, I haven’ty gone TOO deeply into the subjecty. I mean. It’s not June and neither side of the aisle can still be like, “Shit. That election happened. Let’s move on now.” And they’re all stupid. Just. Completely stupid. The “left” has gone so batshit stupid that damn it. I’m starting to become a Trump supporter. STOP DOING THIS SHIT. Right?

But then. This week happened. And there’s been a number of different things that caught my eye. Right? So let’s take them one by one shalld we?

First of all:


(n) (adj) a word that can describe anything.

Basically. Right?

So. Stop all of this. Stop. Every. Mother fucking thing. Dude. Just. Stop. I mean. For cunt’s sake dude. Putting “2016 election” in my little “wordpress tags” bitĀ  is STILL relevant in June ofg 2017. This is obsurd. This is SPARTA type of madness. Right?

Damn it. Let’s takeĀ  all of thise things piece by piece.


There was this whle controversy thing. ABout Kathy Griffin. “Beheading” Donald Trump. It was a photo/video/whatever shoiot thing. Done by Tyler Shields. And it’s been making the rounds of the world. And people have been talking about it. And. Like.

If for some how. You HAVEN’T seent this photo. I’ll provide it here. Now. I warn you. The photo is graphic. However. I’ve taken the liberty and censored the most offensive part of this “leaked” photograph. Either way. Be sure your children and such are far, FAR awy from view of this picture. Forreals. Even the censoring may be too graphic for some viewers.

I know. I know. Kathy Griffin is still visible for the morst poat. I did the best I could, senseitvie reader.

Now look. Of course she has a first ammendment right to be this fucking stupid. Is it funny? More than likely not? I mean. Have you seen her on CCNN’s New Year’s show?

Eveer since this drama about “beheading Trump” was leaked. CNN has fired her. And I think she also lost another gig. At least. And I mean. That part’s stupid. Come on EVERYONE on the right. HOEW MANY TIMES HAVE WE BITCXHED. FUCK. eVERN JUST RECENTLY. ABOT HOW YOU SHOULDN’T BE FIRED BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE OFFENDED?

#1. Does Kathy Griffin have first ammendment right to do this dumb shit? Of coures she does.
#2. Should the Secret Service visit Kathy Griffin for doing this dumb shit? Of course thy should.
#3. Should she have been fired from everything ever because of this dumv shit? Of course she shouldn’t have. She should’ve been fireed from everything ever because she’s an untalented, unfunny hack.

People om the left. If you thought that rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask was the worst thing ever. You should shut the fuck up abotu Kathy Griffin. People on the right. If you thought that that rodeo clown with an Obama mask didn’t matter. At all. You should shut the fuck up. The end. Right?

This situation is WAY too covfefe.

Like everythign in politics.

Covfefe agreements.

For instance. All day.Peoples on my friendslyies on Facebook hjave been outraged about Trump’s withdrawal form the Paris Climate agreement. Things. Stuffs. And like. Man.

This is probably the second best thing Trump has done in my eyes.

Look dude. As far as “climate change/ghlobal warming” is concerned. This is. LEGIT. Scienel. ON BOTH SIDES of the argument. Being all “Al Gore” about it and SCREAMING, “THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN OR BE JAILED YOU ASSHOL!” That’s not science. You cunts that are global warmin alarmists. ARE the Roman Catholic Church to oppositions Gallileo and shit. Stop it already. Right?

I mean…

So STOP withj this “the science is settled” nonsense. Science. BY DEFINITION. Is. NEVER settled.

The “climate change” situation is SO VERY MUCH covfefe. Obviously.|

And finally I just want to make note of something funny.

Stay with me. Because. Get this. BOTH sides of this argument. Are actually funny. As hell.

Sigh. I’m unabgle to find the proof of this. Because. Laziness, mostly. Probably. But lie. The story goes like this.

The President. Donald Trump . And man. I know I just ranted about how we all ned to get over the fact that the election happened and stuffs. But like. Forreals. It’s STILL crazy when even you, dear alt-righter, take a step back and logically think about it. It’s CRAZY that this guy is President of the Unitided States. Right? Anyways. The President called Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary” on twitter again. Just like. The other day or something.

To which. Hillary Clinton respondeed: “People in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe.”

To which. Donald Trump Junion replied: “@HillaryClinton(orwhatever) What house does he live in again?”


All the way around right?

Both tweets were funny.

Shut up.

Sigh. This country’s so covfefe.

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