Consistent Hypocrisy

Love Trumps Hate.

Oh. What a difference 24 hours makes. And all that.
Oh. What a difference 24 hours makes. And all that.

There;s been a few stories that have poked my intereste in the last couple of days. This is the rambling where I talk about all of them. And stuffs. Right. Jesus. Man. I basically taker a “month off” or whatever. And it’s like. I don’t know how to write anymore.

And just.

So much.

There’s just. So damn much.

I guess, this is basically, one of those, “What’s on my mind?” ramblings. But. There’s DEWFINTELY going to be a point to all of this. bascially. It’s just. There’s too damn much. For this to. You know. Directly make sense.

So. Let’s go into this.


basically. The only relevant thing they’ve EVER done in their lives was contribute tyo the creation of Sasha baron Cohen’s “bryno” character (prior to the Bruno movie being released, anyways). But now. They’ve attempted to make themselfves relevant once again. By. You know.


This shit.

Refusing to make dressese for Melania Trump. All that.

And. You know.

basically. The only retort to all of this. This nonsense. it’s just…


Tomi Lahren was on Treovr Noah’s Daily Show last night. Subsequently, GQ wrote an article proclaiming Lahren to be “the queen of hte alt-right.” Amd. Just. The obviously. You know.

One of these.


Timi Lahrenwas an initial Martco Rubio supporter. you know. That immigrant cunthole. That Cuban. Nazi. Asshole. Hispabic. Tomi loved him to death. Befire she “tolled the Republican line” and supported the RTepublican. And all that.

So. If that makes here the “quenn of the alt-right.” Then I’m DEFINITELYE at least some sort of arch-dulke or some shit. I mean. I was a “Never Trumper.” I ddin’t vote for Trump. But like. Yeah. In this hierarchy created by maintraream media. Or whatever. Yeah. Totally.

I agree with like MAYBE 60% of what Trump has campaigned on. Yet. Again. I am a “Never Tumper.” Spo. According to this sort of maintresam media logic. I’m DEFINITLELY a Duke of some kind. More than likely, I’d be a squire, though.

But let’s do this.




You’re a normal person.

And you’ll take the time.

And you’ll watch this ENTIRE video.

Before you read on with what I’m saying.



From my eyes. To yours.

The. WORST. THING. I’ve ever seen.

With my eyeballs.

Here. Let’s start off with this

I’ve never. Ever. Watche a full episode of The Daily Show with or sans John Stewart. I’ve seen plenty a-bit and piece. but never sar through a full entire episode. As far as my “Trevor Noah” experience is concerned? I’ve only seen him in Comedy Central Promos/ You know. For The Daily Show.

And despirte the inserted laugh tracks. I’ve never seen anything even remotelty comedic abut Mr. Noah. Ever.

Right now. I just decided. As I’m writing this. I’ll “watch” a bit of Trevor Noah’s stand-up comedy offerings via one of his specials available on Netflix. To give him one FINAL shot. At being funny.

One. Two. Skip a few.

And. Many-a minute later.



not funny. At all.

There was. Like. 2 decent-ish jokes. Within 20 minutes. Bear in mind. I didn’t laugh. They were just. Decent-ish jokes.

Either way.

Lookman. Tomi’s someone I’ve called, repeatedly, a “Trumptard.” But everything. Every-fucking-0thing Mr. Noah says here is either. Batshit insane. or batsht illogical.

Literally. The dude tries to call Tomi racist because she used the phrase, “I Don’t see color.” Only to use THAT SAME FUCKING PHRASE. Against her.


Again. One of the worst things. I’ve ever seen. With my eyeballs. It’s a pretty close call between this and The Avengers.

But here.

One of the BIGGEST thing that the “mainstream media” whatever. Peoples. Have been crotoicizing Tomi about with this interview is, “Tomi doesn’t know what the KKK does~!” because. You know. An outof context quote (which you can see the fulll context above). But dude. Watch the first 20-ish minutes of Noah’s African American on Netfliex. Apparently. He doesn’t know what the KKK does either.

It’s just so. Damn. Stupid.


Then. There’s this story.

You know. About these people.

And. If you don’t know who these people are. Most likely. You’ve. I don’t know. You’ve either never spent time with your spouse. Or you’ve never ben in the same room as your mother whilst she watched television. Basically. If you have done both of those things. And you still don’t know who either of those people are. Then. Goo job. You’ve done humanity a great, albeit, small service.

Basically. These two people host a show. On HGTC. They go to a church. The pastor. Priest. Person. Thing. Whatever he is. Says that homosexuality is a sin.

I know. I know.

But get this. It’s unclear whether or ot either of those two peoples hold that same view. But now. because. Reasons. And utrrage society. There needs to be a withch hunt against these two peoples. Because. We just don’t know what they believe.

But. Do yu know who else attendsa church that has that very same belief? Nacy Pelosi. Fucking. Name a “progressive.” in government That claims to have “Christian views.” Or. “Jewish views.” Or. *GRASP* “Muslim views.” Or whatever. Chances are. Their pastor. Priest. Whatrver. Person. Also holds that same view.




According to their religious doctrine. Homosexuality. Is. Get this.

A sin.

Dude. I know. I know. I get it already. Calm down.

As wrong of a thinking this view, probably is. All of these people. Have a FIRST PART OF THE FIRST AMMENDMENT right to have these beliefs.

I definitey do disagree with all parties involved in this matter. From those potentially “hating” gays. To those that are on a Christian witch hunt. Both sides of this argumet are abosulutely fucking stupid.


And it’s just.

I can’t take the inconsistencies man. I just can’t.

There’s too many things that either don’t make sense. Or they’re entirely too inconsistent. Completely.

Just. Man.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Nothing. At all.

Here, I thought, the idea of America (and ergo Christianity) was supposed to be, “We’re all supposed to love each other.” But. Nope. It just. It makes me so mad! I’m so FUCKING OUTRAGESD RIGHT NOW!

And I mean.

Even when the PAINFULLY OBVIOUS is staring you right in the face.

You’ve got this kinda shit.

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