Con Fed? You’re Eight!

First things first. Cliches like that.

What the 21-year-old did in Charleston, South Carlina was obviously atrocious. It was, obviously hateful. It was obviously racist. It was a display of truly horrible humanity made visible to the entire world.  I try my best not to do things like this. But I mean. Really. We’re living in 2015 America where everything needs a disclaimer.

So. There. There’s the “disclaimer” to follow everything else I’m about to say. Although. Everything else I’m about to say has NOTHING to do with the terrible tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. But. More on that in a bit. In fact. I’m pretty sure that I’m going out on a limb here. But. Seriously.

I’m pretty damn positive that the use of fabric wasn’t the cause of ANY of the nine deaths that occurred in South Carolina.

Essentially. I’m just trying to say. The “Confederate Flag” hasn’t been the cause of death for… you know… ANYONE since. I don’t know. The 1860’s? And I mean. Even THAT is debatable.

I feel physically sick. Remove this image. NOW!
I feel physically sick. Remove this image. NOW!

There is. Absolutely NO… LOGICAL reason. That this essentially NATIONALLY MANDATED BAN on the likeness of the Confederate Battle Flag… exists. Nothing about this HUGE UPROAR~@! NATIONAL OUTRAGE~! NONE of it… makes sense. At all.

This idiot. This psycho. This thug (if I didn’t use this term, then I’d be racist, in 2015 America, apparently). He once took a picture or two whilst holding/supporting the flag. As seen. You know. Here ish.

His face is blurred because I will NEVER give ANY sort of praise to mass killers.
His face is distorted because I will NEVER give ANY sort of praise to mass killers.

And while I, personally, do not agree with one’s attachment to the flag. As in, I have no attachment to this particular flag, myself. It’s a flag that represents an ENTIRELY different county than the one in which I reside. All the while, I don’t HATE~! anybody that wants to showcase the flag. I don’t.

Although. There’s a bit of history involved here in which I do have a bit of a problem with the “supporters” of this Confederate Battle Flag. After the Civil War? Like… immediately afterwards? And… you know… a couple-a score or so afterwards. This flag was COMPLETELY dead.

It was only brought back by Democrats. And you know. The KKK. And such. During the Civil Rights movement.


But yeah.

Every. Single. Bit. Of nonsense that has transpired.

Every. Single. News. Story. That has come out about the Confederate Battle Flag since the tragedy in Charleston… It all has been nonsense.

Every. Single. Bit. Is. Nonsense.

First, we had MOST major online retailers pulling ANY selling of “Confederate Flag” memorabilia. Yet. Nazi flags, armbands, and such are STILL available. Then… basically… Warner Bros. Pictures stopped the production and sale of the “General Lee” toy car. Like. Just just stopped creating the product and pulled it from shelves. Then it all got capped off with TV Land pulling Dukes of Hazzard from the network. The latter two examples? It’s all because the car from the show sported a Confederate flag on its hood.




There actually is…

LEGITIMATE talk about digging up Confederate soldiers’ graves and moving them… somewhere… else.


If this wasn’t the most bizarre. Yet PERFECT example about how politically correct America has become. I’m not sure what could…


But seriously. If you’re someone that ends up so physically damaged and shaking at the sight of a Confederate flag that you feel the need to get police involved… or EVEN a Nazi flag. If you’re so sensitive that the sight of these things makes you so physically ill that you are on the brink of vomiting. Then. I’m sorry. But.

You’ve been con fed.

You’ve been fed nonsense.

You’ve allowed the nonsense to be shoved down your throat.

And quite frankly, you’re behaving like an eight-year-old.

If you’ve been con fed. This nonsense. Then… you’re eight.

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