Committee of Un-American House Activities

Blah. “Amerika” arguments, if you care, which you don’t.

But no. This ISN’T a dumb little, “OMG did you see the stupid thing that Trump/AOC said this week?!” Kinda thing. This is. About. By and large. Consistency, dude.

And. I can, witgh as my proof, say. I’m TOTALLY consistant here. Forreals.

Nevermind the fact that I can’t show you the UNBIASED fact that Ilhan Omar is an anti-semite (not talking about the dumb ass tweets both sides have blown up about, but the ABSOLUTE FACT that she IS an anti-semite, I mean, I could show you a David Duke tweet, or somethig, but Duke also endorsed Trump and such).

Just. Dude. Be a huan being. Right? And THINK… not feel… LOGICALLY? Right?


Watch this:

Are you now, or have you ever been a supporter of genocide? Do you now or have you ever wished genocide on a peoples? Because. You know. America is ALL about that shit.


I mean.

It’s WAY past cliche. But.

One of these.


Is FAR dumber than, “HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY?!” Right?

Because. Come on, guys.

Let’s be real.

I’m consistent.

I called out the Republicans. Hell, I even called out Ted Cruz (who’s, one of the… six-to-eight[?] , actually, good guys in Washington), as a dumb ass about the whole, “Mark Zuckerbeg” thing. Remember? Of course you don’t. But whatever. I’ma still be an islamophobic, homophobic, racist, sexist, white-Christian male-priveledged xenophobe for writing all this. So.}

I mean. Dude.


Ilhan Omar. Legit, asked this Abrhams dude. If he supports genocide. When he said, “No,” she took it as, “yes.”


This whole process that she created.

Is so god damned un-Ameerican. Legit. No. Not because she’s a “progressive Muslim woman wearing a hijab questioning a man in court.” I mean… try that out in Iran. See how far it gets you, right?

Not because of ANY of your dumb ass buzzwords.

It’s TOTALLY un-American. Because she. As a representative. Of the people. By the people. For the people. Is looking down on a person. Attempting to prove his innocence. Of something she doesn’t even know a thing about.


WATCH the first… minute of that video. Somewheres in there anyways.

She has never even HEARD of “Iran/Contra.” Let alone does she have the authority to be accusing someone of comitting genocide because of it. RIght? Or. I stand corrected. Iran/Cortra. My bad.

Dude. I’m just some dumb, drunk asshole. And. Believe me. SAD! I’ve HEARD of Iran/Contra. I, honestly don’t know the details of it. I know the Regean Administration wasn’t good about it. I know America wasn’t good abouut it. But. At least. AT BARE FUCKING MINIMUM. I’ve heard of the fucking thing. I would NEVER confuse an “n” for a “r.” Right? I’d NEVER call it: “Iran/Cortra.” As she did. Because. You know. She’s just reading about it for the first time.


You run into someone on the street. This someon has… SOME sort of reputation. You look at him and say, “Holy shit, you’re a fucking murderer! You’re a genocidal maniac!” He tries to reply. But as he does, you say, “SHUT UP AND TELL ME YOU’RE A MURDERER! YOU MURDERED PEOPLE! YOU DID IT! ADMIT IT! ADMIT IT! ADMIT IT!”

That’s. Legit. What Ilhan Omar. Congresswoman. D-MN. Did. Just then.

Congrats, my home state of Minnesota!


Forreals man. If you can watch those eight-ish minutes. And feel ANY sort sense of “Wow, she was great!”



One of these.

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