Christie: Libertarians – A Dangerous Thought

On Thursday, New Jersey Governor and potential GOP 2016 Presidential hopeful, Chris Christie declared Libertarian arguments to be “a dangerous thought,” in regards to national security. The interviewer mentioned Rand Paul’s name, who has also entered the potential bid for a 2016 nod. While Christie didn’t mention Paul by name, he did give the impression that he is against the Senator.

On Friday, Senator Paul tweeted this message after Christie’s spiel.


Being a Libertarian, and a former supporter of the New Jersey Governor, this story really doesn’t surprise me much. It just goes to show, the Governor that perhaps helped to swing some votes towards the President, shouldn’t be a front runner in the opposition party.

Who do you support? Do you believe that the federal government has over-extended it reach on privacy issues? Or do you think the measures need to be made in order to protect the country? Join the conversation by commenting below!

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