Christianity. The Rambling. Again.

Look, man.

This all started as a “RANDOM SIDENOTE” on that Ted Cruz rambling. So. Bare with me. OK?

This isn’t going to totally msake sense. But I promise. This is all about Christianity. Even though, I’m going to ramble aout Gary Johnson quite a bit too.


I like Gary Johnson. I do. There’s plenty of issues in which I TOTALLY agree with him. And, gun to my head, “VOTE FOR SOMEONE ON THE BALLET OR ELSE~!” It’d probably be him. He IS the lesser of THREE evils. But that’s just it. In my mind he’s still “evil.”

While he IS the most constitutionally minded candidate. He’s still very, VERY against theVERY first thing in the VERY first amendment of the Constitution. “Freedom of religion.” As it’s known.

Now look. I’m not religious by any stretch of the imagination. I mean, sure. Again. GUN TO MY HEAD~! I’d say I’m Christian. Because I do believe that the things Jesus of Nazareth (BLAGH~! questions about if he’s from Nazareth~!_ STUFFS~!) preached, I mean, many-a people caled him Rabi – which, just means “teacher” not “preacher” as many have thought of it. Fuck. The point is. I believe in many-a thing that this Jesus person purportedly said. The dude was basically Thumper. On a Roman crucifix.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: OK, so like…  as a DEVOUT Christian. You’re just supposed to accept ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING the Bibble and every Christian Rabi (GET IT?!) says about it and what not. Yet. Every. single. Religious. Doctrine. Based. On. “Christianity.” Has taught us all to believe Jesus was crucified on a different cross than he was/

This pic DID NOT happen.
This pic DID NOT happen.

The point about Garry Johnson. The dude’s done… pretty much EVERYTHING to hate on Christians.

“You’re a baker and Christian?! BOOM. Bake some gay wedding cakes~!”

Or. Even. Pretty much a direct quote.

“You’re a Jewish baker? Yup. You’ve GOT to be forced by the FUCKING GOVERNMENT to bake and artistically create a Nazi swastica-shaped cake. Or else. Gun point! BITCH!”

OK. I exageratd a bit. But still. It’s basically what he said.

The point is. As a Libertarian. This douche can’t even submit to THE FIRST FUCKING THING IN THE FIRST FUCKING AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION. On top of ALL oif that. That guy’s just. A goof. He’s a joke.


As a PURE libertarian. I would ONLY support this party’s nominee in the aforementioned gun to my head situation. That’s pretty much it. And it absolutely sucks (and I haven’t even scratched the SURFACE of his government-control, progressive policies).


Is largely.

The reason.




There is. Absolutely. No. Not one SINGULAR debate about this. I’m not talking about the “divine providence” type of things that the founding fathers of America described. I’m not talking about the “miracles on the battlefield with George Washington,” that have been told and, most liklely romanticized over the years.

I’m talking about America. The idea of freedom. “Can man rule himself?” Without some dude being crucified in Jeruselam during Passover under Roman Rule some 2016ish years ago, most likely… NONE of us would exist. You, dear reader, probably wouldn’t be aliuve right now.

People have bastardized this crucified man beyond recognition. And. Well. I’m pretty sure it was Jesus himself that said, “You can’t put your faith in man.” But now-a-days… that’s pretty much what you’ve got to do as far as being a “Christian” is conserned.

The fact that the Bible itself was written by man. Excluding documents (even some I’ve seen with my own eyes), that could have been placed in this religious text. You’ve got to trust man. Man made the right calls in excluding the “Gospel According to Marry Magdeline.” And hey. Forget the fact that men TRULY ruled the wordl back then. Just accept that what’s in the Biblb is TRULY the WORD of FUCKIGN GOD HIMSELF. OR ELSE~! PERIOD!~ YOU HEATHEWN~

I suppose. More and more. The words thatthis Jeus person had spoke thousands of years ago. They’ve been lost. Even through this mankind made translation.

“And so I give to you a new comandment. Love one another as I have loved you. ”

That’s totally lost. Because. Christian Dogma says, “I have the truth, and if you don’t believe my truth, you’re wrong and aI hate you.”

On the other hand.

There’s those that can’t practice their religion because they are labelled “haters” by the government. And society. So. Let’s take this example to its core, right?

Say I’m a DEVOUT Christian/Muslim/Jew/whatever. And a gay couple comes to MY business and says… “Hey, you want to be a part of my wedding ceromony that goes against your religious belifes?”

Of course, I’m going to say, “Nah dude. But there’s another place that will take care of you. Go there. No harm. No foul.”

But then. There’s the U.S. government. And Gary Johnson as well. And they’re all like..

Upset. The point is. They're upset.
Upset. The point is. They’re upset.

And so. Gary Johnson. U.S. government. Etc. They’re all like, “Dude. You HAVE to participate in this activity or else~!”

And just…



Christians. Don’t be a dick.

World, society, U.S. governemtn, peoples. Everyone. Don’t be a dick.

The end.

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