This week. We saw, one of the more horrific happenings in American history. No, it’s not on par with the release of the Zapruder film. It probably isn’t even as terrifying as seeing Ronald Reagan being shot. And. I mean. It damn sure wasn’t anywhere NEAR the absolute horrendous display that transpired right before us when we saw the second plane crash into Tower Number Two.

But I contend, that in the context of everything that’s happened in America’s recent history, we witnessed (or had the ability to view) one of the more horrifying displays of humanity to transpire on American soil. I mean. Obviously, we’ve had the ability to view ISIS beheadings, which took place off of American soil, obviously. Hell. We’ve had at our disposal the slaughter of baby humans (in recent weeks) with the release of the Planned Parenthood exposĂ©s. But I mean. We’ve never seen anything. In video.


Like this before.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: WTF is a planned parenthood?!

I'm an equal opportunity ass kicker! But not really. SHHH.
I’m an equal opportunity ass kicker!
But not really. SHHH.

If you were one of the unpleasant few living in Virginia that actually watched this transpire, my heart goes out to you. If you were engaged to marry the cameraman that was recording this live video, all the while you watched your fiancĂ© in the control room of the studio. You watched his last moments being to point his camera at his assassin. I can’t imagine the pain you must feel.

For the deceased. Alison Parker. Adam Ward. To your families. To your loved ones. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that you don’t allow the emotion of this tragedy to consume you. I hope that you are able to forgive the maniac that conducted these nonsensical acts.


This is RyansDrunk.com. I’ve got a rambling building inside of me. Let’s get down to this whole rambling I’m trying to get at right? The shooter. Whose name and face I will not show nor mention here. Because. This truly is one of the biggest problems with America’s death culture. The exposure that murderers receive in the mainstream media. It’s repulsive.

But man.


There’s been no sort of “released” “facts” about this. But it’s a pretty logical conclusion to relate this shooter’s evil intentions to the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement. This guy called for a “race war.” He specifically called out the shooter in Charleston. In fact. It was two days after that shooting that he put down payments on purchasing his hand gun that would go on to commit this heinous act.

And damn it. If pictures of this homosexual, black shooter exist with him, proudly displaying the gay pride, “rainbow,” flag (we shall never know since his Facebook and Twitter accounts have been suspended). Then damn it. We’ve got to remove this piece of fabric from the face of the earth! CLEARLY it is truly the source of this senseless violence!

Hyperbole aside.

But now. This movement. This hashtag movement. Of “Black Lives Matter.”

Let’s break it down, shall we?

First of all. ONLY “Black Lives Matter.” If you are to say otherwise. You’re… essentially, not only a racist, but basically, a homophobe as well. Because. Why not at this point, right? Firstly. Not only are you spewing racism EACH AND EVERY time this sort of rhetoric is uttered. But I mean. Come on.

Seriously. Whenever one is to put their race ahead of any others’. They would be a textbook racist. Period. Thus. When someone supports “Black Lives Matter.” Without acknowledging that ALL lives matter. That person. This “#BlackLivesMatter” movement. Is. Racist. Period. The end. Bar none. Hell. It’s FAR more racist than ANYTHING Hulk Hogan could have even DREAMED of saying.

Just quickly. Because this came to me whilst doing some quick research.

“Whitesplaining” doesn’t. Nor should it ever exist. Nor does “Mansplaining.” None of this shit matters. These social justice. Nonsensical words. NONE of it will ever. EVER affect you. Like… you know…


Margaret Sanger, "founder" of Planned Parenthood. She was a progressive. Racist. Eugenicist. Essentially, she wanted to eradicate black people. African Americans receive the most abortions in America today. Hrmph.
Margaret Sanger, “founder” of Planned Parenthood. She was a progressive. Racist. Eugenicist. Essentially, she wanted to eradicate black people. Today, most Planned Parenthood facilities are located in black neighborhoods. African Americans receive the most abortions in America today. Hrmph.

When you go around. Shutting down political speeches. Even if that speech is given by someone that ACTUALLY marched with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And you spew the HATEFUL, racist phrase… a phrase that is on the TOTAL wrong side of history, “Black Lives Matter.”

I mean. It’s seriously like. You know. That scene in Fight Club. Edward Norton just discovers his friend, Bob, dead. Because of this GIGANTIC problem, terrorist group called “Project Mayhem.” And he looks at all of the “space monkeys” and shouts. “WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?”




If you say it. So much so. That society accepts the undeserved “fact.” That ONLY “Black Lives Matter.”


Now yes. Again. Yes.

There is no, confirmed tie to the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement to this random, psycho. Whom the ULTRA-RIGHT-WING-LEANING-CABLE-NEWS-SOURCE~! CNN… described as (I can’t think of the direct quote, but it was, essentially) a victimization collector. Someone that is, obviously (even according to his own tweets after killing Adam Ward, the cameraman… pretty much) a direct douche bag that is only looking for vindication by way of suing past employers. Because. RACE~! HOMOPHOBIA~! SOCIAL JUSTICE~!


If ONLY “Black Lives Matter.” Then you, dear “protester,” are only looking to benefit your own race. If ONLY “Black Lives Matter.” Then ONLY black lives deserve to be spared. If ONLY “Black Lives Matter.” Then anyone else can be killed. If ONLY “Black Lives Matter.” Then you are not. You are no where NEAR. Living in a world where Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior’s dream exists.


If ONLY “Black Lives Matter.”


You are.

By definition.

A racist.


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