Bernie Sanders: The Self-Hating Hypocrite


I’m… somehow… A TRUMPTARD~!



Or whatever.

I mean. I’m all about the latter, “~!” statements. Because. You know. “Make America Great Again,” DOESN’T have ANY connections to racist, sexist, homophobic, islomophobic, xenophobes. At all dude. You guys on the left? That HATE that President Donald Trump exists, ya’ll have turned that phrase into those things. YOU make “MAGA” hats a “symbol of hate.” You do that. By giving it power. I’m guessing, AT BARE MINIMUM, 80% of people that wear “MAgS hats,” just want their country to be the “shining city on a hill,” not a place where, “OMG, I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE BROWN SKIN~!” sHIT dude. Legit? That’s like .001% of the population thinks that way.

But whatever. Turn “MAGA,” (again, what are you doing here?) into a swastika all you want. You’re wrong. And dumb. But hey. Do that.


Bernie Sanders. Right?

I mean. I’ve LIKED the fact that he was a “democrat,” (in quotes because he’s been an independent, officially, for a while now). Has ACTUALLY had the balls to be like, “No dude, shut up. I’m a socialist.” And I men. Honesty? From a politician? That’s awesome. Right?

Especially since he was just coming off the era where, “calling somone a socialist is racist~! (RAND0OM SIDENOTE: Good God man. YouTube is so political these days, I can’t even find Chris Mathews’ rant about how “socialist” is a racist remark anymore. FFS. The world NEEDS a new YouTube).” And all that. And. Again. It was refreshing. To have a politician. Be like, “Yeah, dud, Ima ll about socialism. Fuck you.” That’s what Bernie Sanders was in 2015-2016.

NUMEROUS times I advocated for the 2016 election to come down to Ted Cruz and/or Ran Paul against Bernie Sanders. Because. Boom. America. We either have a free market. Or we have totalitarian socialism. Which do you prefer?


LOL, I know dude. Bernie Sanders and the like CONSTANTLY preech about “democratic socialism.” Whick. You know. ALWAYS. Ends in Venuzuella. Right?


Yes. Yes they do.

Neither of them have adopted TRUE, FULL BLOWN~! socialiams. They’re still working under a free market. So.

Hey! Let’s tax millionaires an billionaires and corporations! Let’s make them pay their fair share!

Right, Bernie?

Meanwhile, Bernie just says that he’s paid his fair share. And wants Trump to release his tax returns! YAY! MUCH PROGRESSION!

Jesus Christ man.

I’m kinda, sorta glad I don’t do any sort of podcasts anynore. As much as I REALLY miss and WANT to do them. Because man. Like. It’s IMPOSSIBLE now. Legit.

So. Yeah dude.

Basically? All I wanted to shw you is how EVERY time Bernie was even MINORLY pressed on his own taxes, how he should, on principle, be voluntarily paying more )Fox didn’t even say ANYTHING close to that), or ANYTHING like such as, the best answer he could come up with was, “Make Donald Trump show his tax returns@!”

One of these.


This rambling is impossible. All I know, for certain, is Bernie Sandias, And anyone of the ilk that’s like, “HEY LET’S MAKE MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRS” oay their fair share, arfe bullshit. Because. They DO NOT practice what they preach. All I know for certain is, even the Fox people didn’t push back on the Bern. During all of this commotion about “paying taxes,” “Bernie’s taxes,” “Bernie’s tax plan” and the like, they never pushed him in asking the fundamental question: “What is the fair share?” Right? Sure, he went on about how, during his previous election, he called for a 52% tax rate. There was a bit of a back and forth about 70% taxes.

Which. You know.

Even Will Smith is like…



Finally… I’ll leave you on one last note.

Capitalism saves.

17,258 children per day.

Thanks capitalism!

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