Because… Why, right?

Dude. I’ve ranted more about wrestling in the history of ever. In the past month or so, I’ve writen, nd held myself back from wrestling ramblings. Like. WAY too much. Right? If, somehow, you’rew my ‘facebook friend,” or whatever, you’ve seent that that’s damn near all I’m talking about these days.

Because man.

Lefgit. The real world? Politics? Headlines? The like? It’s all become a radio morning zoo. It’s all become so God damn stupid. Both sides. I can’t stand it anymore. I can barely ewatch my “daily news shows” anymoere. And. By and large. I’ve stopped.

This probably isn’t a good thing. But dude. I’ve been saying. Since Donald Trump became the Repiublican nominee, I’ve just lost all hope in humanity. “MY SIDE~!” was this stupid. “MY SIDE~!” was so moronic to vote for a man that once said this:

I don’t repeat myself. I don’t repeat myself.

And again man. Trump’s done SOME pretty good things as president by my estimation. He’s also done SOME pretty shitty things too.

While themedia tries their darndest to tie Sotrmy Daniels to the Russie investigation, Trump supporters now have to live in a world where they can live with infidelity. Even though. You know. Bill Clinton (that link’s not the best for this, apologies). And the moral high ground. All that. But now, Stormy Daniels broke an NDA! She’s such a whore! Or whatever. I don’t even know. I don’t care. For the record, I was 10-years-old during the Lewinsky shit. Whatever my oipinions may have been doesn’t matter.

Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Have you read about this in the paper?

Sure. Some common sense things are happening. In my estimation. The destruction of “the Iran deal” is great. Moving he American embassy to Israel is pretty good. Common sense, again. Amd. All of the CNN analysts screaming WWIII (and… I know… I’ve done the same thing recently even) aabout this like they (and I) did with Korea. It’s all pretty laughable. Right?


Because. Why? Right?

What’s the point in raambling about these things? That’s all there is to say. That’s all anyt of these topics deserve. Right? It’s much more fun to relive 1998. In wrestling. Innit?

And ity’d FAR more instresting.

I’m just sayin.

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