Ball Tea, More?


sad, Of course. Once again. The random keys I hity to keep the format of this rambling in tact. Those three keys. Slammed down on my ketyboard. Randomly Those keys. Once again. Spelled the words, “safd.”

TYou saw it above. Stop trying to decipher. Drunken typos.


That’s the easiest word to describe everything that’s happened with this situation.

A sad loss of life.

A sad display of anger.

A pathetic. SAD display shown by the media.

And. You know. A sad display by throwing police officers under the buss.

Just. All-round… sadness.

And. Also. Surrounding. You know. ALL of this. Would be a SAD loss of facts.

TOILET PAPER~! FUCK YEAH! Sadly... this was a line left out of the "Team America" theme.
Sadly… this was a line left out of the “Team America” theme.

Gekk… the saddes of al facts MAY be… that NOTHYING about this “Freddie Gray” case… is TRULY knon yet., NO facts. Sorounding this situation. NOTHING concrete has been released about it. For fuck sake. As of this writing. There’s a factual dispute of whether or not Freddie Gray’s wounders were pre homunous or not. According to the Washing Post, Freddie GRay’s injuries may have been self-inflicted.

As far as my commentary on the situation is concerned? It is sounding. And aweful lot like the faLSe premise that was Michael Brown’s “hands up don’t shoot.”

But. Itrully don’t weant to get hung up on… you kno.w. Anyt o f this.

Something that I want to focus on. Right now. Simply has… a LOT to do with something ESPN’s Stewphen A. Smith said. Not in regards to the Baltimore situation. even though, his coments werre dead on.But. The Stehpen A, Smith comments I’d like to focuson have to do with… what he said a couple of onths ago.||

You know.

These. Words.


Watch. Or. You know. Basicxally. Listen here. Seriously.

Because. I mean. Let’s get serious for a moment shall we?

During this past two weeks or so. Many-a left-leaning pundit… from Hillary Clinton on down, they have mentioned that, a lot of this problem? You know… riots. Happening. In Baltimore. In America. In general. It all has to do with economic limitations. The poverty rate. In. You know. The inner cities.

And. Don’t get me wrong. By and large? Hillary Clinton. Every left-leaning pundit. Yjey may be right about this. The argument that riots and things happen because there’s an economic crisis happening in these “inner cities” is probably very true.

The only thing that makes these arguments invalid. You know. Made by left-leaning pundits. And like. Hillary Clinton. It’s just that. You know. For, pretty much all of these cities… But… Baltimore specifically… Democrats have been in comtrol (or… you know… been elected as Mayor) since 1967.

Democrats have controled Detroit since 1962.

Democrats have controlled Phiuladelphia since 1952.

Democrats have controlled Pittsburgh since 1934.

Democrats have controll;ed Chicago since 1931.

Democrats have controlled Boston since 1930. I shit you not.

Just because. This is funny.

So. No. All of those cities don’t have much in common. I think, only a couple have rioted in the last 25-ish years. That’s off the top of my head. But. Out of all of them. The BIGGEST common factor (aside from their mayoral leaderiship. ) Is simply: They’re economically failing.

Each of those inner city’s economies are in avsolute tormoil, Hell. Leftists. I’ll even argue WITH you. There is a HUGE “wage gap” in these cities. And none of these SOCIAL JUSTICE-Y Democrats have done a GOD DAMN THING to fix it.

Detroit is… I mean. If you’ve seen the Oscar Award Winning documentary, 8Mile, the conidtions there have only WORSENED SINCE 1995!

I guess.

The point of ALL of this…

is simply…

Out of all of those cities avoe. There’s been deomo crat control for (an average of) 69 years. Things haven’et improved for you, dear inner-city dwqellers. Have they? Serieously. For (an average of) 69 years. You’ve been served tea. This tea has tasted like balls. For 769 years. Yet. All of you citizens. you just seem to ask for more.

Ball tea, more?

How does it taste?

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