At Least I’m Not Alex Jones Crazy

Fundamentally, as of this moment, I’m truly not sure how can continue these days. Because. Reasons. Not because Twitter or Facebook is banning me. Or whatever. Merhaps I’ve been “shadow banned” for a while I don’t know. Nor do I care, at this moment. It’s just. Dude. This rambling? There’s so much.

At the time of this writing… I’d, for the past hour and eighteen minutes, have been listening/watching the Joe Rogan Experience with Alex Jones that happened, like… a week or two or three  or five ago. And. Dude. The thoughts have been all over the plce. Forreals.

Post I made on Facebook last week.

And like. I’ve been through a tidal wave of emotions trough all of this. Like. How the hell am I agreeing with Alex Jones? As he’s talking. And then. You know… a couple minutes later, I hear him some more. And I realze, oh, yeah, he’s a nonsensical moron. And even though I agree with a sliver of what he’s saying (for instance, he goes on about Virginia’s Governor talking about post-birth abortions… but he says they’re pushing for such nonsense because off selling baby organs and flesh meat? Thankfully, Joe Rogan, CONSTANTLY, pushed him on things like, “whose, ‘they?’ and such_).

And like. THE THING, that made me want to do this rambling was this little statement. In fact, it was the original title of this rambling:

We Either Have Free Speech. Or We Don’t.

Alex Jones can, or cannot (depening on his modd of the day, apparently) deny that the tragedy of Sandy Hook, (legitimately, one of the worst terrorist attacks to ever happen on American soil), he OR ANYONE should be allowed to say, “Sandy Hook is a hoax.”

Because. We either have free speech. Or we don’t.

Alex Jones asie.

If I had the ability to make THIS the “featured image,” I would have. I swear.

She said, “I’ll have sex with you, if you let me put makeup on you.”

-Alex Jones.

But man.


10 minutes into this Joe Rogan Experience episode. And Alex Jones was already all over the place. Hell. Listening/watching it now. Again. And it’s just. DUde. And. Holy shit. Just learned Alex Jones and this Eddie person are arguing about “flat earth.” And. Alex is arguing against it. So that’s good. Or. “Good.” Or something. I don’t know. Whatever.

Dude. The point is this.

We either have free speech or we don’t right.

It’s just like Trey Paker  and Matt Stone (RANDOM SIDENOTE: I’m on the edge of never watching South Park ever again after this past season, but whatever) have alwas said. “Either it’s all fair game, or none of it is.” As far as comedy goes. But hey. Not ALL of it is “fair game.” Right?

Alex Jones.


Can. And SHOULD be allowed to say “Sandy Hook is a hoax.” Period.

that’s what free speech is, dude. “The freedom of expression,” IS the protection of unpopular beliefs. It IS there in order to protrect the WORST of human thought and expression. THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS TO PROTECT THE WORST OF SPEECH.

At the time of the ratification of of the bill of rights (or, mostly, prior to it, especially) it wasn’t “popular thought” to criticize the elites. If you criticize the tyrant king George. You’l get beheaded for treason. And such. Right? BEcause. Criticizing the king was unpopular.


Dude. Still listinening to Alex Jones. Eddier Person. On Joe Rogan.

And. Forreals. I’m just glad I’m not as crazy as this dude.

But. Alex Jones has EVERY RIGHT IMAGINABLE to say the dumb shit he does.

The New York Times has EVERY RIGHT to say the dumb shit that they do.

This world. The post-modern, all-nonsense world that it is. Sucks. WAY too much.

The end.

A few hours after that first screen shotted Facebook post, I posted this. OH NO! LOCK ME UP! LOCK ME UP! LOCK ME UP!

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  • April 30, 2019 at 7:58 pm

    Don’t even think about killing yourself you fuck. Quit being so goddamn stubborn and hard to have a conversation with when you reach out to me.


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