Acting Curiously Hedonistic

So.. uh…

Yeah dude.

With that out of the way.

Apparently, certain humans appoint concurrently, homogeneously…

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Yeah, that’s as far as I’m going with this “ACH” theme. Because otherwise, this rambling would never get done and I’d go insane try8ing t cntirue it.

So. Uh…

Let’s do this?


OK, dude. I know. I know. I know.

I’m a… white male. Male lesbian. But that’s more of a kink than it is a sexuality, apparently. If only I can be justified by cover of discrimation… oof dude. The world would be mine. As soon as my sexuality is recognized as a minority. Ugh.


RANDOM SIDENOTE: It’s so fucking sad that the best journalism IN THE WORLD that I’ve seen over the past year or so has come from this gaming, Youtube channel, as I shated in those last two links.



THe point is.

Apparently, and I’ve spent thi s past week or so wondering, “WTF is racist about this shirt?” It took until Halloween night/first moringing of November/how ever times works…. for me to discover a little video that’s going to be posted at the end of this rambling, that explained…


That dumb, ugly shirt there? It’s a representation of blackface. And it was SOOOOO fucking apparent, even Tom Cmpbell (whose become my favorite YouTube personality, especially as far as wrestling is concerned) had to go dreadfully serious and monotoned whenever the topic was brought up, initionally, right? But at the same time… the due was real and was like, “Aye mate, this t-shirt’s design is horrible, innit?” Right?

But. I mean. TO be. IMMEDIATELY. DREADFULLY shocked. And appauled and horrified when you see this:

There’s either something TERRIBLY wrong with you. OR you’re just being offended for the sake of being offended. Full stop. No debates here at all.

If your IMMEDIATE thought was: “JESUS! HOW COULD WWE BE SO RACIALLY INSENSATIVE?!” You are an insane peron. Period. Full stop.

If you shared your support for someone that said something similar to: “I’m so offended by this t-shirt, my lifee is ruined now! WWE needs to be cancelled because they’re obvious racists!” You need to be placed in an insane assylum for life, dude. You’re fucking… Joker… Mark Hamil Joker… insane. Legit.

If your first thought upon seeing that there t-shirt was something along the lines of:

“WTF? Is that a smile? WIth white teeth? THe fuck is going on here? Why the fuck would I ever buy that t-shirt?”

You’ve got some sort of semblene of common sense.

So. Basically. This dude. “Jordan Myles.” He worked the indies as “ACH,” right? Through the sliver of a grapevine (mostly, TEW thinguses), I’ve heard that ACH is good and stuffs. In ring. Talent. Person. Worker. Stuffs. Things. Words. I… think… I saw him in a match lastish week on NXT? Merhaps? I dunno. hatever.

But. Some ugly ass t-shirt is released.

And. Apparently. It looks like blackface? And we’ve all gotta be serious for a moment.


Fuck you.

I refuse to go over the cliff with the rest of humanity.

If you were offended by the shirt. You’re insane. Period. If you thought you should validate someone’s offense about the shirt. You’re insane. Period.

It’s a shitty looking t-shirt. To suggest that it’s some sort of MASSIVE racist plot WWE/Vince McMahon/Triple H/WHO/WHAT THE FUCK EVER head of WWE’s marketing department.. WHATEVER. Therfe are. Exactly. ZERO% racist undertones with that t-shirt. To argue otherwise is moronic. Insane. And you’re a part of the social, faux “outrage” problem.

The “logo,” if it were to be called that… is in the shape of a smiley face. And it’s on a black t-shirt. You know. Like… DAMN NEAR EVERY WRESTLING T-SHIRT EVER. nWo. DX. Literally EVERY Triple H shirt.

Fucking. Asuka.

10 out of 16 shirts there are either black or could be drunkenly confused with black. By my count.


ACH. Jordan Mylse. Dud’es ONLY looking for attention.

He’s not even trying to have a Coln Kaepernick moment. Dude’s just going STRAIGHT for Kanye West. Right?

WWE doesn’t care about black people.

Dude’s LEGIT. sad that EXCT quote this past week.

So. What’s the motivation? Stir up fauce outrage over nothing? Dude just wants to go to AEW THAT badly? The fuck man? OH NO! HE’S AN SJW SPEAKING HIS TRUTH! Whatever. Fuck off. THis is absolutely blatant nonsense generated by this cunt to create social media outrage over nothing. If WWE were smart. THey’d have fucking fired this dude. THE SECOND he put out that first tweet. This cunt doesn’t deserver even the 900ish words that I’VE devoted to this nonsensical topic, man.

This is. Legit.

The epitome of “hashtag outrage.” Utilized at its worst. And to the cunts feeding inot this dude’s bullshit. Let’s hear from a REAL person. Shall we?

Booker T. Kills this whole discussion. Fuck you white, progressive European cunts.

I’ve NEVER been a bigger fan of Booker T as a human being than I was by watching him here.

Good job. White, racist, progressives.

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