Accosting the White House

Honestly? Man. Like. As YOU. Dear reader. Should know. I’ve BARELY giben ANY sort of a shit as far as politics, nad ESPEICALLIY the NEWS MEDIA~! sorts of things about ALL OFG THIS SORT OF SHIT~! goes. Siknce. Like. I dunno. The summer of  YEAR OF OUR LORD~! (DUDE. I’ve mentioned it WAY too much, just fucking watch Louis C.K.’s 2017 special on Netflix. I swear to God. You won’t get #MeToo’d to death, you won’t be mansplained. Just. Fucking. Watch that brillian [and probably my SERIOUSLY favorite Louis C.K. special]) 2016.





This is history~!


Nevermind the facrt that like… hundreds of years from now. Historians will look back at our time and remember us for bwing awed by the god of cat videos. And How our mating rituals were concluded by a swiped right.

You know?

But also.

Apparently? A GREAT moment will be. Unvieled, or something. You know. When CNN’s Jim Acosta was all like, “OMG~! A MARTYR!~ Or whatever.”

#1. YES. A JOURNALIST… SHOULD… PRESS… ANY… PRESIDENT… OF THE UNITED STATES… ABOUT… ANY/EVERYTHING. Yes. Those sorts of things should be “normal” and “accepted.”
#2. CNN. Should HAVE pressed the previous administration harder on things. I mean. President Obama was allowed to use SOTU FREE NATIONAL airtime to spew how much the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act would save “everbybody” $2500. Annually.


As we. You know. Now know. Unless you’re you know… THIS batshit crazy…

You’ve GOT to believe that Donald Trump is a FUCKING CHILD RAPIST in order to believe that the PPaACA. Save ANYBPODY money. Dude. Like. Lefit. Forreals.

#3. Donald Trump. The aministration IS a big. Gigantic. Asshole for Denyingh Acosta’s press credentials. Thanks, White House, you made a martyr out of a total dickhead!


And. Dude.

Those are… MY words.

But. I mean. They may as well have come out of CHRIS-FUCKING-WALLACE’S own mouth.

Wait. What? Chris Wallace… LIFE LONG DEMOCRAT… agrees with President Trump…? Kinda…? WAITAMINUTE! FAUXNEWS LIES!

#4. President Trump. Lefit. Handled himself. As best as he could during this whole thing. I mean. You know. Considering. You know., We’re talking about President Donald Trump here. He called Jim Acosta a, “rude, terrible ;litttle ma” and such. that’s like. WOW~! Right? Compared to the Nixon/JFK debnates. That’s almost picture perfect. Or something. Sigh. Obviously. Trump’s… Trump. And. OBVIOUSLY. The way to handle this ISN’T to revote Jim Acosta’s credientials. And such.
#5. Jim Acosrta. NO MATTER HOW MUCH InfoWars tries to speed up the tapel. Acosta does NOT assault the intern, woman, person. In ANY sort of way. Peried. But hey. since when do Democrats carte about interns being “assaulted” in the White House. Right? Right? BUH DUM TISSS! Sigh. Fuck you Fox Newsy/Infor Warsy type of idiocy.


Let’s watch the whole exchance. Right? In real time.

Dude. Be the DUSTY~! rthat cried racist… or… as seen above, “CHILD RAPIST!” sort of Democratic activist. IF YOU WISH. Right.

But I’m not even 45 seconds into REWQATCHING this FULL Trump/Acosta thing. Right? And on of the first things out of Trump’s mouth is. “WE NEED THE PEOPLE TO COME IN.” OMG~! SUCH RACISM~! MUCH XEWNOPHIVBIA~!





He followed up that sentence with, “We need them to come in ‘legalluy.'”



You democratic socialists, post-modernists. You aren’t happy with this. AT ALL! So. Let’s Social Justice Warriour ourselves infront  of Tucker Carlson’s house some more! Because. Fuck that rtacist on Faux News! And while’ we’re at it. Let’s bitch about how antisemetic Donlad Trump is. You know. Since his immediate family is now Jewish and such.


Ppresident Obama would NEVER treat the press like Trump is! JESUS CHRIST! Ask Sharyl Attkisson@! Ask James Rosen!

#6.  Jim Acosta. Was a dick. If he wanted to ask multiple questions. He would’ve started with, “Mr. President, I’ve got 2/3/4 questions to ask.” Instead. THE WHOLE thing starts with, “I want to challenge you ona couple of things.” So. Fuck this guy? Right. I mean. Kinda. It’s not Just that. Right? It’s NOT just. “OMG~! IMPROPER~!” I mean. Donald Trump’s presidency is BUILT on IMPROPER~! Right? But. Forreals. The dude’s just a heckler at a coimedy show a quater of the way through the whole debackle. Right?

Be an honest. GENUINE human beiung. The fact the Acosta sdtands up and starts spewyingh shit near the end there? Fuck that guy. Right? Get rid of the heckler.

#7. Yes. Of course. Yes. Donald Trump is a douch. Because. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. Donald Trump has always been a douche bag. We’ve known this. HIS LOYALIST SUPPORTERS KNOW THIS. And no. His douche baggery does him no favors here. And. I meran. In the end? The whole, “revoking Acostings credentials” thing? Isn’t a good look for him. BUT. THE moment. You know. The one WE all just watched, or re-watrched. Or whatever. Above?

Donald Trump was the sane one in the bunch.

I’m pretty sure this rambling made sense. If it didn’t…

Hate me. Slay me.

And on a final note. PLEASE. Dear Democrat reader of mine. Tell me how much you love Jeff Sessions. Please. Makes sense of our Bizzaro World.

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