A Trump Hater Explains “What Happened” Pt. 2

I mean. Read the first part first, right?

Let me start this rambling with this:

I will not, EVER speak of the 2016 election, the primaries, or anything involving America’s selection of President in 2016 any further beyond the conclusion of this rambling.

With that. Let me just say.

Man. I’ve been trying to write this rambling. For. You know. Nearly two months now. I’ve tried to make it this EPIC~! THING~!

But man.

I just.


THE TRUTH. Of… DAMN NEAR EVERYTHING is… I lost, pretty much all hope in humanity when Donald Trump won the Republican primary for President. This happened in May of last year. Earlier in the year, I put forth my first YouTube, drunken rambling, thing:

Yeah man, no wonder this channel didn’t take off, innit?

Just. Man.

The point is.

I lost all hope in humanity. Because. For the first time, I realized, “my side,” was just as, if not MORE ignorant as the “opposition.”

“My side.”

Nominated an absolute moron to be their nominee for President.

“My side.”

Refused to accept facts: Like Donald Trump isn’t a “Republican.” I mean. He donated to Hillary Clinton time and time again. Right? Like. Guys, have you no brain cells? Does this situation, Trump v. Hillary make ANY sort of sense after knowing that fact, right?

Then there’s you know. 17. Republicans. Hell, probably more, technically. That were vying to be the nominee in 2015-2016.

Just for the fun of it. And this will, probably, legit, take a while. But I’m going to do my best to not use google. And name off the 17 Republican hopefuls. And… just to reiterate — these names are the first that come to me. They’re in no particular order.

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Ted Cruz
  3. Rand Paul
  4. Marco Rubio
  5. Jeb Bush
  6. Chris Christie
  7. Ben Carson
  8. Rick Santorum
  9. George Pataki
  10. Scott Walker
  11. Jim Gilmore
  12. Carly Fiorina
  13. Lindsey Graham
  14. John Kasich (Jesus, I JUST NOW thought of him)
  15. Bobby Jindal

Alright. Those were the names I could come up with off the top of my head. Come on, NONE of you remembered…

Jim Gilcrestmorlandson. I’m pretty proud that, at least for me, when googling that previous name, the first two results stem from RyansDrunk.com

But OK. Googling the answers for the other two candidates reveal: Mike Huckabee (which, like, how the hell did I forget this moron) and Rick Perry (same thing here as I said for Huckabee).

But look man. As fractured and horrible as the Republican field was, voters, like myself were sick to death of being called racist when criticizing President Obama. Hell man, it became so bad that even referencing “Chicago” was a code word for racism (there’s a better clip than that, but at the moment, I can’t find it).


Then. You know.

Donald Trump and the whole “Kenya” thing.

And even some members of the TEA Party got wrapped up in it.

Batman facepalms all-round.

2010 midterms happen. Republican wave. 2014 elections happen. Republican wave, though not as much.

2016 primary begins.


Donald Trump. President Trump. Happened. Because… numerous different factors took place, the stars aligned, and, all of a sudden an impossible thing that could never happen, happened.

Let’s start. At the very beginning.

Well, “the very beginning” could go back to the 1980’s. But, I’m going to TRY to keep the remainder of this as brief and “relevant” as possible.

Business tycoon, reality TV star, Donald J. Trump has threatened that he’d run for President since the 1980’s. Yes. But. One eventful night. Donald J. Trump attended a White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

I seriously never saw that “Lion King” joke before. It was good. Then, Obama ruined it by making it some dumb slam on Fox News. But. I digress.

Donald Trump, now has ALL of the motivation in the world to run for President. He “threatened” it in 2012. And yet, it was still one of the biggest jokes during the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump. “Running for President.” In 2012. Biggest. Joke.


In the ACTUAL happenings in politics. We had a Republican controlled House and Senate. And a Democratic President. A Democratic President that, even leftists admit, wouldn’t work towards bipartisanship. At all. Not to mention how bipartisanship was WORSE than a four-letter word in those first 100 days of Obama’s Presidency. Even CNN admitted it (RANDOM SIDENOTE: Just… reading through that article. Those quotes from Mitch McConnell. Where the hell is that guy, right?).

Pretty much. Obama? Democrats? No one EVER tried to work with Republicans. ESPECIALLY during the first two years of Obama’s presidency. EVEN AFTER Republicans won control of Congress, still. Obama refused to compromise.

During and in between all of this — A large, organic, ACTUAL grass roots movement developed. It was called the “TEA Party.” Originally, this TEA Party recognized that every politician was to blame for the faults of Washington failures. The mentality was, “all incumbents must go.” Hell. In early 2010, a Republican actually was voted to replace Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat IN MASSACHUSETTS. Scott Brown’s win would eventually evolve into the historic wave election for Congressional Republicans later that year.


Obama’s still in office.

After ALL of that.

There was a lackluster Republican primary of 2012 (hell man, I was ALL for Herman Cain’s 999 program~!) that took place. And. Lo and behold. As was known from the get-go, Mitt Romney won the nomination.

And. I mean. Romney killed himself in the last two debates. Against Obama.


I mean.

This also happened (which is an even bigger point).

So. Candy Crowley interjects. Falsely.

I mean. Even by CNN’s OWN reporting of Obama’s transcripts on the matter, he’s not calling the Benghazi attack an act of terror. He’s, LITERALLY by CNN’s OWN REPORTING speaking vaguely of “acts of terror.”

One, two, skip a few. Obama’s won reelection.

He’s been on and on about how “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” Then. You know. People lost their health care plan. That they liked. And. All he could do was to say that that plan, which was liked by the purchaser, was, “substandard,” in response.

You know. Kinda. Sorta. This debacle.

As AWESOME as Washington Free Beacon is, the ending of this wasn’t as good as it should be. Probably, the “timelines” are off (as far as when they made this video and what I was expecting is concerned).

More and more, American citizens are fed up with politicians. By this point (say, 2014) Congress, a Republican controlled Congress, has approval ratings dipping under 20%. Obama’s nearing the under 45% approval rating.

More and more. The “opposition” to President Obama has become even less popular than his presidency itself.

All the while, after the 2014 mid-term election, there were many-a candidate that ran as a Republican (especially in Congress) that admitted that the large majority of “the problem” in Washington had to do with leadership.

Many-a high-profile Congress person vowed to their electorate that their first action in Congress would be to vote against the current leadership. Mia Love comes to mind directly, because man, she ran a PRETTY hardcore campaign stating she’d vote against Speaker John Boehner. Yet, pretty much her first action as a Congresswoman was to vote him in as Speaker once again.


Then. Along comes Donald Trump. He calls out Low Energy Jeb. He calls out Little Marco. He calls Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina ugly. And he accuses Ted Cruz’s dad of being part of the JFK assassination.

He’s willing to throw the blame around EVERYONE.


EVERYONE in Washington sucks.

And I mean. Even I can’t deny it, by and large.


Hell man. After the election of Donald Trump. MOST Republicans that were put in office during the Obama years have thus far COMPLETELY choked and exposed themselves as being complete and utter frauds. Exposing themselves as ONLY running under the campaign slogans of “repealing Obamacare” and “creating tax reform.”

In previous years, the story’s been, “We’ve got the house and senate! If only we had the presidency! THEN we’d repeal Obamacare! FORREALS!”


I mean.

Republicans have complete control of the government. And they’ve done. Nothing. At all.

ALL THINGS considered, that’s probably a VERY good thing. Because damn near everyone in power right now has exposed themselves to be complete, utter liars and frauds.

Sorry. I’ve been on a soapbox I’ve needed to be on for a while now.

Back to “What happened.”

Donald Trump. Being an outsider. “Saying it as it is,” (even though, he said everything on every side ‘as it is’). Being outside of the political game. Appealed to many-a people. Hell man, I’ve longed for such a person to emerge and run for president. Hence my love of Herman Cain in 2012.

Just. Random hilarity.

“What happened?”


They fell for it.

Just as much as the masses fell for “Hope” and “Change” previously.

80,000 people in three key states fell for the idea of “Make America Great Again.”

Hell man, I’d believe in that slogan too. Shit. I do believe in that slogan’s sentiments.

So. Now. I look to my fellow Trump haters.

And. I realize. America’s doomed.

Oh. And. In ALL actuality. The Sociopath film, thing, did this rambling FAR more justice than I EVER could.

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