2018: The Year. That Happened.

Personally? 2018? It was the yer that I almost died.



Not by mmy own hand this time. You know. Like 2006. But. This time. Something about suicide itself annoyed the shit out of me? I mean. It wasn’t as big as the thing about suicicde that pissed me off last year. But. I mean. It was something equally as stupid. Basically.

Point is. I almsot died. This year.

Speaking of dying. OMG! SUCH SMOOTHNESS!

Sorry for being such an asshole.

But. I mean.

What else is there to day about 2018? RIght?

Politically? This year’s been batshit. Right?

It’s been a year. Where like. Republicans could simultaniously be like, The MOST AWESOME PEOPLE EVER. To like. Soulcrushingly despicable. Democrats have gone from, “OMG! I’M SO SAD THAT DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT!” To. “OMG! YOU KNOW WHAT WE NEED?! IS COMMUNISM IN AMERICA!” So. I mean. That’s a thing. I mean. It’s. You know. A literall thing. Acording to the Head of the DNC person. Perez. Whatever his name is. Ocasio-Cortez. You know. The 29 yearold that has NO idea about how the country works. Is the future. For Democrats.

Aww… poor Shawn Michaels…?

And. Like.

Republicans? Again. They’ve proven themselves to be the most worthles human beings on the planet. And I mean. It’s not JUST that. Right? Republicans? Have had control of the House, Senate and Presidency for the past two years. You know. The DREAM scenario they’ve been begging for since 2009 or whatever. And. They accomplished NOTHING. And yet. These Democrats. On Day one. Are like. “OMG! LET’S IMPEACH TRUMP!” Because. You know. Trump. The inarticulate asshole that he is. Is the worst President ever. Because. Words? Because… emotions?

Because… Trump

Something sbout Roseanne? Happened. Merhaps.

Something about Kanye West. Pssibly?

Plus. Like. Facebook came under congressional fire.

Freedom of expression became completely dead in Euripe. And is like. You know. Holding on by a thread hear in America. You know. WIth Twitter bans. Facebok bans. Hell. Even. Patreon bans. Shit. Alex Jones. One of the biggest cunts in the universe became deplatformed by even LinkedIn. LinkedIn. The place that CONSTANTLY annoys ANYONE that EVER looked at the site, let alone joined it. Thankfully, I’ve done neither of those things.

Something about Brett Kavanaugh (and how SNL’s typical “clapter” became free reighn on making fun of homosexuality so long as the homosexual is a Republican) is in there. Too. Because. Jesus Christ. The compex. Fucking. Ultimately worthless discussion that is Brett Kavanaugh.

South Park became a DNC apology “edgy” television show.

So. I mean. Sure. 2018 has been dumb. Right?

Need I remind anyone that Stan Lee died in 2018?

But like. Nothing’s that bad. Merhaps? I dunno.

And I mean. None of you spreading this Facebook meme are considering how big of a dumb bitch Cassandra is being bny spreading her feelings of composting. Nor are you taking into acount the Bible vs. Science debate that comes later.

You dumb bitch.

But hey. Even. Always Sunny became this artistic masterpiece. Because of a gay dance? thing? In 2018.

No. Really.

I don’t get it. At all.

Dude. In my teenage years. Yes it was the thing to be like, “OMG! That’ so gay stop it!” And like, if I saw a gay couple hold hands in the streets or whatever, merhaps I cringed because… at the time it was weird. That’s as far as m/y homophobia goes. And forreals. THeyre’s NOTHING wrong with calling something “gay.” On the surface.

“People from Pheonix are Pheonicians.” Shut up faggot! Right?

But like. Of COURSE. “Gay marriange” Should be a thing. Legally. Although. You know. “Legal marriage” should be no concern of ANY government whatsoever. But. Of course. If “marriage” is an apparent, legal term. Of course homosexuals. And. Like. ANYONE, virtually, should be allowed to marry each other. Right? I want the government (ANY BIT of government) involved in my, or anyone else’s sex lives like I want the government (ANY BIT of government) telling me how I, or anyone else, should worship their religious diety of choice.

*WOMPWOMPWA-WOOMMMP* )whatever tune that is. Merhaps something to do with Price is Right?)

The thing about that up there. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia  is. Dude. I don’t get it. At all. I mean. It’s a BEAUTIFUL dance ruoutine. It’s fucking amazing. And I get and FEEL how crushed Mac is when his dad walks out. But like. As an artistic expression of homosexuality? I mean, dude. He’s basically sucking the girls’ tits the whole time while she sayys, “It’s OK, It’s OK, It’s OK.”

In a #MeToo. World (a #MeToo world that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia also crushed in 2018).

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I ddn’t think it was relevant in 2018. Cause. It’s more of a 2016ish thing. But like. Always Sunny, also SOLVED the “bathroom” issue. Forreals.

Because. We’re all just volnerable animals taking sa shigt.

Sigh. I’m Rambling WAY too much. About Alwys Sunny. Basically. ALL I’m saying about the dnce thing is. If I don’t get it. At all. There’s NO WAY. Frank. Being the defacto WORSE THAN TRUMP~! EVER~! Character he’s always been. Would ever “get it.” Right? that’s all. It’s moving as ALL hell. Hell. I teared up rewatcching the dance routine just now. But like. Come off it. Frank. Reynolds. THE CHARACTER. Does not. Get it. Right?

But I mean. That’s kinda the thing about 2018. Right?

Nothing about the past matters. Not facts. Not principles. Not. “The truth.”

We live in this post-modern. ALL nonsense world where. For cunt’s sake. Media SUPERSTAR just a year or three ago culd walk into the White House, tell an apparent innocent woman that she’s been pardonned by the President. And You know. The media’s like, “OMG!WHAT A DUMB BITCH! SHE’S GOT SUCH A BIG ASS! TRUMP MEETS RUMP! LOL!”

And no one bats an eye.

All the while. Trump can post on his Twitter:

And it’s called the most insensitve thing to ever happen to humanity. HANK JOHNSON ATTEMPTED TO LITERALLY BEAT BY BEAT COMPARE THE GUY TO HITLER. Media’s like “Yeah, you’re right dude.”

All the while, that dude’s, Hank Johnson, whilst comparing Trump to Hitler is like. “Democratic votes are wrong!” YAY?!


I’ll just keep delving into the Texas Hold ’em Simulator that Red Dead Redemption has become. Although. Forreals. Without question. It’s game of the year. Bar none.


Without question.

It mayh have been released on October 13, 2017. But. I just discovered it in the summer of 2018.

And it’s the best song to have been released in the last 10ish years or so. Forreals. Without question. Bar none.

So. Let’s end with.

The song of 2018. For me.

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